Image Source: Donnie Darko’s Frank by Mark Monlux

I met the funniest, nicest artist at ECCC. His name is Mark Monlux. He is a movie critic that does his reviews in comic strip form. How fun is that? Not only does he make them in comic strip form but has made them into books such as the one titled: Seldom Seen Films. They are so cute! He even has a store up here local to me in Tacoma Washington.

My husband is a huge fan of Killer Klowns From Outer Space and Donnie Darko. It just so happened that this artist draws movie posters. We bought a copy of the posters of both those movies. We couldn’t help it. Well my husband couldn’t. He had even printed out a number of horror movie bingo boards. We of course couldn’t pass those up either.

He is the most charismatic and genuinely nice guy. His brother was there with him running the table. It was a pleasure to meet them both. You can find him on Facebook and on his site. You can also find his books on Amazon like Seldom Seen Films! 

Check out his work and tell me what you think below.


Image Source: Killer Klowns From Outer Space by Mark Monlux