Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans crammed themselves into the Indigo ballroom this year at the San Diego Comic-Con to get their chance to see the cast and ask questions. The panel was led by Michael Schneider and he was joined by executive producer Dan Goor and producer Luke Del Tredici from the show, as well with cast members Andy Samberg, Melissa Fumero, Terry Crews, Chelsea Peretti, Stephanie Beatriz, Joe Lo Truglio, Dirk Blocker and Joel McKinnon Miller. The cast received tons of cheers and applause from the excited crowd which you can take a look at in the video below:

As one would expect the hour panel was filled with lots of laughter and with many fans in hysterics. One of the main topics discussed was what the show called “the dark hours”. The dark hours, of course, refer to the time back in May when Fox cancelled the show. However, it was so graciously saved a mere 30 hrs later by NBC who picked up the show for a sixth season. Other things covered over the hour included the cast going over what’s on their group Whatsapp chats, the possibility of getting Beyoncé on the show and the declaring of  “sex tape name” every time someone said something that could also work as a sexual innuendo. Such as when Dan Goor said that Terry Crews favourite yogurt is “Full-fat Greek with a touch of Honey”, that of course was declared as being a good sex tape name. Then another one came up when Andy Samberg remarked “I didn’t know I was involved in this” when he was referring to a game of trivia against the audience.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast at SDCC. Photo Source:

It wasn’t all just jokes and laughs though, there were lots of really nice moments between the fans and the cast. A fan thanked Terry Crew for his #MeToo testimonial when the 49-year-old actor came out to say that he was sexually assaulted once. The fan said, “I am so sorry from all of us who are also part of MeToo that you have to be part of it,”. Terry’s reaction was beautiful as he put his hand over his heart and looked at the fan and appeared moved by the remark.


The beautiful Rosa. Photo Source:

Another serious topic covered was the coming out of character Rosa who is played by Stephanie Beatriz. Stephanie went on to say “It was really amazing. Dan is not only a brilliant writer but he’s also a person who believes in equality and inclusively, and that shows in his writer’s room. He was interested in possibly exploring the idea that Rosa might be queer, and he asked me what I thought about it. We do have some writers that are gay, but he wanted a bisexual person’s voice to be heard in that storyline, and it just so happens that the person playing the character they wanted to turn bi is bi.”

Beatriz continued, “It was a gift, and I think that we did it in a really amazing way in this idealized world in which everyone is a feminist. Everyone is into equality. Everyone loves their LGBTQIA family members. Cops are good in this world. So I was very thrilled to be asked to have a voice in that storyline, and I felt that it really reflected, at least for me, what is a reality in my own life.”


Mark Hamill in “disguise”. Photo Source: Mark Hamill Twitter

Another surprise for fans was when Mark Hamill showed up, well in “disguise” so to say. He donned a cap, sunglasses and a jacket emblazoned with a badge. On Twitter, he wrote: “Having LOADS of fun at #SDCC … This was my disguise at yesterday’s #Brooklyn99 panel,” “LOVED it & can’t wait for the new season!”

Hamill added the hashtags: #TheShowISingleHandedlySaved #YoureWelcome, which are references to Terry Crews who believed Hamill helped saved the show after it was cancelled and then picked up by NBC. Hamill was among many of those who expressed disappointment, tweeting, “Oh NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! … I’m SO not ready to say #ByeBye99. Be forewarned @FOXTV- when networks dump shows I love, I’m known for holding grudges a long, L-O-N-G time.”  When NBC saved the day Crews tweeted “@HamillHimself I want to personally THANK YOU, Mark, for using the power of the force to save Brooklyn Nine-Nine!”

Here are some more things that were covered at the panel:

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine is well into pre-production for the upcoming season and Goor said it’s going to be good!
  • Jake and Amy are in for some new adventures with married life.
  • Beatriz like her character Rosa is Bi and she was consulted by Dan Goor before Rosa came out.
  • Gina Rodriguez made a guest appearance on the show but not before she cancelled a vacation to be able to do so. Guess she really wanted to be on the show!
  • It was a first for network TV when Rosa said: “I’m bi”.
  • Terry Crew loves the cast as much as Terry Jeffords loves the squad.
  • It’s always a surprise hearing Stephanie Beatriz’s real voice. She said so often fans are so shocked when they hear her talk and ask her all the time to “do the voice”.
  • There will be a Scully/Hitchcock episode with possible flashbacks to their past.
  • It will be revealed this season whether Kelly is Scully’s dog or wife!
  • The show will return on NBC in the 2018-2019 mid-season


After seeing the fans reaction to the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine when they arrived for their panel on Thursday, it’s almost unbelievable to think that Brooklyn Nine-Nine almost wasn’t a part of SDCC this year if not for being rescued by NBC of course.

However, after seeing all the laughter, love and even tears that were shared between the cast and fans, I don’t think we need to worry about Brooklyn Nine-Nine going anywhere any time soon, and I know for all the fans, myself included that’s completely okay!