Hello friendsssss,

We are finally getting together after so many days! How is it going with you folks? Anything new with the life? How many of you enjoyed the Olympics (and the Oscars BTW)?

I was really happy to see one of my all time favorite actor Mr. Gary Oldman to win one after so many years of hard work! Though, I haven’t watched the movie ‘The Darkest Hour’ yet, but to my surprise, it is still running in a night show at two cinemas in Mississauga (A city near Toronto, Canada), yeayyyy! I think I’m going to watch it soon. I have always admired his work, be it Sirius Black or Officer Gordon.

Coming to the episode, this was a fun episode. As it happened, Bernadette was past her due date for her delivery and turn by turn everyone tried to make Bernadette goes into labor by their own little techniques and everyone failed! Finally Sheldon comes to her. She thinks he’s there for the same reason. Well, he is not!

He was there to play the most complex (and utterly boring) board game ever! Not my opinion, everyone at the show agrees to this. It could take five to eight weeks just to finish it!!

While they are busy in that, the main theme of the movie goes on in the background – what should they name their baby? Everyone has their own opinions and as we all have watched  Friends and HIMYM, I had expected a lot better episode on the topic from TBBT writers, but anyways, it was fun watching them. [And Ohh, Penny is still HOT in her yoga outfit. Refer to the image provided here for more clarification on that matter!] 😀

Enjoy the shows as they have resumed and have a great time ahead! 🙂