We open to Mr. Wednesday singing show toons at a burlesque show back in during WWII only to find that he was sleeping and dreaming. Shadow and Mr. Wednesday are actually at a mall looking for Sindri and Dvalin. Alviss says that Dvalin must redo the runes on Odin’s spear.

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We keep going back to WWII America, specifically Chicago and watching Donar AKA Thor go from burlesque star to strongman competition. Columbia who is Libertas the Roman Goddess of Freedom, another star in the show, wants to run off with Donar, “Donnie”, to California. With each trip down memory lane, we watch the story of Mr. Wednesday and Donar and their life together in America unfold.

Dvalin requires a great artifact to restore the runes. Lou Reed’s leather jacket. Shadow and Mr. Wednesday find the store that this treasure is kept and put on an elaborate scheme to get the jacket. Let’s just say don’t trust a man of the cloth who has $7,500.00 to burn in a mall.

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Mr. World is still at the military installation when New Media shows up and “ups her game”. Mr. World knows when the runes are etched and tells New Media he needs her ready but she needs more tech support

We find out why Odin’s spear broke. We also find out where Thor is. Kinda. I must say this episode threw me. When you figure out why, drop me a line in the comments below. If you want to know more about Thor click the link below. Til next week…