Photo Source: Fox Media

After a couple weeks off 9-1-1 comes back on a fun note. The 9-1-1 cast has to deal with the full moon theory. Which I firmly believe, that weird things do happen during a full moon. The show opens up today with Hen on her knees, at night, crying at the beach. I knew right then something big was gonna happen. In the background she is speaking of the origin of the moon and the legend surrounding that. I knew we weren’t gonna hear the last of Hen’s ex and her current partner is worried. I believe the reason she asks those things of Hen before going to bed and Hen successfully brushes her off. You can tell that her partner is feeling very insecure about their relationship. I believe Hen’s mind is somewhere else.

Then we have Buck trying to make Bobby and Abby a believer that strange things happen on a full moon. Both are skeptical until a few strange things begin to happen. Three ladies go into labor at the same time after assisting a surrogate mom who slipped a disk while doing pregnant yoga. Surrogate mom is OK and then 3 labors at once. All the while Buck is telling Bobby the full moon is to blame. Another call ended up with a man with severe gastric pain after eating sushi and while en route to the hospital the critter decides to make an appearance and begs them to pull it out. Buck is completely mesmerized and Bobby is grossed out and appalled Buck has such a vast knowledge of tape worms. And again the full moon is to blame.

Abby gets a call, and she is a non believer, and the woman complains of an intruder in her home. Upon investigation we meet up with Athena and Hen. The 911 caller had a panic attack and Hen comes across some footprints and a reflection. And they learn that someone was really in the house and advises the lady to stay somewhere else for the night. While inside Hen gets a phone call from her ex and her ex is trying to get Hen to come out error to see her new place and rock her world. I just can’t believe it. But I knew what was about to happen when she went to visit her. If she was done she would have never visited regardless.

Throughout the night each of the cast comes up against something strange and out of the ordinary. Athena winds up killing a man eating another man’s face and the guy would not stop and attempted to attack her and she was forced to defend herself after tapering the guy didn’t work. Abby gets a call and has to listen to a woman be murdered. The suspected killer is the victims husband until Abby reviews the tapes and has some suspicions due to the way the victim handles her ex husband in comparison to the man who killed her. At first the detective is skeptical, but with a little more digging, on Abby’s part, they were able to apprehend the true suspect.

In the end, some believers were definitely made that night. And we get to see another side of Hen and the possible reason she was on the beach. But will she go through with it and risk losing everything? I guess we’ll see…