Riverdale is back this week, after what seems like a million years. But can we talk about one thing real quick? Jughead Jones.

Riverdale spoilers follow.

Picture Source: The CW/Netflix

In the first season, Juggie was a fan-favourite character, because he was so damn likeable. Every time something went right for him, everything else would spiral ten times worse. He was a kicked puppy! He was our kicked puppy.

Sure, he was always a ‘weirdo’ (cringe) and didn’t always make the best judgment calls, but his heart was in the right place — usually coming from a place of pain or teenage-angsty confusion. He was homeless, had an alcoholic dad, and a family that otherwise didn’t care about him. We felt so bad for him.

However, in season two things have gone a bit awry, starting with Jug sliding into that damn Serpent jacket. Look, I’m all for redeemable character arcs, but this is a dude making all the same mistakes that he hated his dad for except worse. Can Jughead come back from this? Will he be able to win us back over?

I can’t speak for everyone, but Jug went from my favourite character to my least favourite, real quick. Cole Sprouse is still incredibly talented — nothing against him — but the material this man has to work with. Yoyo-ing emotions, on-and-off breakups, drug deals, street races, gratuitous use of the word jingle-jangle, CUTTING A BITCH UP — it’s just a lot for one man to handle. (Also, he’s been wearing the hat less. What’s up with that?)

At this point, do I think Jughead can be redeemed? Yes. In fact, I think it’s necessary for the survival of the show, however sloppy it might have to be given the depth of his downward spiral. But will he ever be the same? Can we forgive a character arc that’s taken things too far? We’ll just have to see on that one.

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