There is one characteristic that every gamer shares. It’s not the desire to accomplish missions and tasks to achieve prizes; it’s not the ability to reel off every single character from every single gaming franchise. It’s the streak of competitiveness that makes gaming so appealing. Most gamers are at least somewhat competitive and opponent gaming is the perfect way to indulge that competitive spirit and reign victorious. From winning one-on-one widowmaker battles in Overwatch and scoring under pressure in FIFA to winning hands in poker without being able to see your opponent’s poker face, each victory is worth fighting for; after all, to succumb to an opponent is to lose face. So, here is a guide as to how to beat those opponents that make competitive gaming the pinnacle of entertainment.


Source: Pixabay      Widowmaker in Overwatch after defeating an opponent.

One-on-One Widowmaker Battles in Overwatch

One-on-one Widowmaker matches in Overwatch are all about stealth and steadiness when it comes to sniping, attempting to best your opponent in a less frenetic environment than standard gaming might allow. As such, they’re extremely easy to compete in and extremely conducive to raising the level of competitiveness. But, fear not, there are many tips and tricks to ensure that you don’t let your opponent get the better of you. Widowmaker is best when there are few places for opponents to take cover in. Don’t be too gratuitous with headshots, especially if your position is compromised – body shots do the job just as well. Infra-sight can work well to give your team information on potential opponents and their positions. Knowing where an opponent is can sometimes be half the battle in picking them off. Maintaining calm under pressure is also key in a one-on-one Widowmaker match, especially if your opponent is prone to losing their head in times of crisis. Keep calm and think clearly to outwit them.

Acing Online Poker with No Poker Face

Poker can be an extremely competitive game and playing against opponents – or rather, winning against opponents – makes it that much more enjoyable. Part of the skill of poker, as well as taking calculated risks with the cards and knowing when to fold and when to raise, is being able to play against what your opponent is giving you. Online poker, such as that offered by 888poker, amps up the competitiveness by rendering all players blind. Without being able to tell if your opponent has a tell or to trust your gut on whether they are bluffing or not, the game has an added edge of difficulty. But, fear not, there are still strategies to employ to get the edge on an opponent – and they’re mainly based on yourself as a player. Whether playing Texas Hold ‘Em or 888’s SNAP variant, your opponent can’t see you so don’t attempt any complex bluffing schemes. Simply value bet your hands to the max. Moreover, the online poker platform means that you’re unlikely to come across the same opponents again so don’t worry about playing a balanced style. If you reveal patterns of play, you reveal them.


Source: Pixabay      Scoring the winning goal in FIFA.

Keeping Calm and Carrying On in FIFA

Playing FIFA against friends is one of the most popular ways to game in a multiplayer arena. There are few things more embarrassing than losing a game of FIFA to a friend and having to profess over social media how inferior you are for having done so. Playing against opponents, especially friends, can turn a casual game of FIFA into the final of the World Cup. Competitiveness and FIFA go hand in hand and that, in turn, can cause any dexterous player to have the slight slip of their hands, ending up the losing party. So it’s important to keep calm when playing FIFA, especially when there’s your reputation on the line. Losing definitely affects play in the real world, so stay calm by focusing the mind on something else while the hands score away. Alternatively, listen to music to distract the brain from the tension building up in the game. Focus not on winning and saving face, but on scoring one goal after the other. By focusing on something other than having to win, the pressure will release slightly – at least enough to allow just enough competitiveness to win.

Use Your Carefully Crafted Deck to Crush Opponents

Hearthstone is a fast-paced strategic card game that acts as a spin-off to World of Warcraft. While initial gameplay revolves around the cards that comprise your starter pack, additional cards can be won and bought in order to craft the perfect deck. But, say that you and your opponent are equally adept at picking cards, how else can you get ahead in Hearthstone? Focus on a theme for the deck: an aggressive one will be packed with high damage minions, while a more controlled deck will contain healing and taunt minions. Decks should be tailored to the strategy you will be implementing in order to defeat your opponent. Getting an advantage early on is key to victory, so ensure you have 5-10 early game cards to keep the playing field even and ensure you have the upper hand. Later game cards should also be included to deal out stronger blows, especially if the playing field remains level throughout the game. Finally, don’t be afraid to sacrifice minions. The clearer the board, the less likely opponents will be able to surprise you with minion upgrades as the game progresses.

So, gaming against an opponent offers some of the most exhilarating, tense, and agonizing games played and can end up being a bonding experience that helps you improve gaming skills and wider interpersonal skills. Competitiveness spawned from gaming can also be healthy for future careers while losing can help you deal with knocks to pride. While tips and tricks exist to help with all games from FIFA to online poker, there is always an element that cannot be controlled, which is why gaming is ultimately such an exciting and immersive experience.