Welcome all to this weeks Overwatch Tips! We’ll be going over the one and only Torbjörn today and before you click out of this page, hear me out. There is a time and place for my man Torb; using him correctly can be an absolute nuisance to the enemy team (and hopefully not vice versa). Let’s go.

Turret Placement

The ideal spot to put a turret on defense is actually not pointing towards the choke point. You could find success in putting it towards the choke but I’ve found the most success putting your turret is a place that will lock on to enemies that have gone past choke. Your team will be there to lay down fire at the initial start of the choke and while you bend and the attacking team is pushing a little harder, your turret will be there to assist you in driving back the enemies.

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Torbjörn Placement

So we know where to put our turret, but where should we stand? Since your turret won’t be getting the most action up until the enemy team gets a big push, you should be playing a DPS role as well as dishing out shields for your team. Once you sense a push coming, retreat back to your turret to make sure it stays alive.

Rivet Gun

Torb’s rivet gun is majorly overlooked. It’s primary fire has no damage reduction from range so you can snag some cheeky shots from far away if you are lucky enough. And in a pinch, his armor packs and shotgun can wave a 1v1 in your favor.


Torbjörn can be strong against those heroes that you just can’t catch. Heroes like Tracer, Pharah, Moira, Mercy, Lucio, Genji. Your turret will auto lock onto them and they only way for it to stop is for them to either take it out or stay out of the way. If you are getting dominated by an enemy Torb, try switching to characters with some range like Widowmaker, Soldier: 76, Hanzo, or potentially Orisa. You will be able to take out the turret from range before it locks on to you and if Torb is nearby you can pick him off.

I don’t see this character rising into the meta anytime soon and there is probably always a better pick than him, but really, anything can happen. If you are a full-fledged Torb main and can wreck house as him, go ahead! Just try to ignore all the hate that will come your way. Hope we helped, be back next week!