There comes a time in many people’s lives where they find themselves wanting to buy a gift for someone like us – gamers! The problem they face here is being unable to pick the perfect gift because, as you know, gaming is an individual preference, and there’s a chance that they could pick a game or something related that we simply won’t use. Even as a gamer, it can be difficult to buy gifts for a fellow friend, so we’ve created this short guide on how to buy for a gamer that already has everything. Check it out!


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Look at related games

If you’ve got no idea on what game to buy, then a great way of finding one that they’re likely to play is by looking at the games they already use. We’re lucky enough to live in a world where a simple search on the internet can land you with hundreds (if not thousands) of related games that they might be interested in! Each gamer has their own preference on what genre they prefer, so this is a great way of landing a game that they will love figuring out!

Purchase in-game vouchers

If you’re really not sure on whether to buy them a game in fear of them not liking it, then another alternative is to purchase in-game vouchers for the current games they play. If your friend is FIFA mad, buy them some FIFA 19 coins to add to their account! If you’ve got a buddy who’s really into World of Warcraft, buy them a character boost or even some game time. Trust us, it will go down a treat!

Make their gaming experience even better

Sometimes what your gaming buddy needs isn’t necessarily a game to enjoy, as the setup matters too! You may have seen people showing off their computer set up, or even their games room on social media in the past – so why not do that for them? Perhaps you could buy them a new headset to connect with online players on, or maybe they’re in dire need of a new gaming chair? Keep your eyes open for something within their setup that could be improved and you’ll find the perfect gift for them!

Join them!

Finally, while gaming is a very personal experience and people have many different opinions, a great way of gifting your friend something gaming related is by joining them! Let them show you their progress on their favourite games, or perhaps you could try your hand at a few of them and see if you enjoy it too! Being able to play with a close friend and also being able to talk about it with a close friend is possibly one of the best gifts you can give!

As you can see, buying a gift for someone who’s really into gaming doesn’t have to be a difficult task, and with a little help from us, we’re sure you’ll be able to find the perfect gift!