Marvel Comics announced today that it would be relaunching its entire publishing line with new creatives teams yet again under the name FRESH START.

This news comes just 8 months after the launch of Marvel Legacy which revamped many Marvel titles with new creative teams and brought back legacy numbering.

Marvel released a teaser poster by Jim Cheung to go along with an online featurette narrated by Editor in Chief C.B. Cebulski which promised a new direction for the Marvel Universe. The video can be seen below:

We don’t know much about where things are headed with this new launch but from the poster, we see an emphasis on Ant-Man and the Wasp, which we can assume is to help boost some exposure before the feature film comes out this Summer. A few other things we noticed from this poster were Thor returning with a new hammer, the absence of Riri Williams’ Iron Heart, and the inclusion of Miles Morales and Jessica Jones despite their creator, Brian Michael Bendis, moving to DC Comics.

We’ve also learned in the last few hours that this new relaunch will once again do away with the legacy numbering. From what we gather, some books will return to their previous numbering under Marvel NOW!, a few select titles will continue their legacy numbering, and a handful will get another batch of #1’s, including the new Avengers book that will be spearheaded by Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness. Marvel wants to ensure that the new numbering doesn’t alienate possible new readers and lapse readers who were used to the old numbering system.

Marvel: Fresh Start will launch in May 2018 with The Avengers #1.