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***This post contains major spoilers for episode 3×4: “The Book of Occupation: Chapter Four: Lynn’s Ouroboros.***

Lynn’s Ouroboros

An ouroborous, is an ancient symbol depicting a snake eating it’s own tale. Chapter Four deals with a tired and worn-out Lynn Stewart using micro-doses of green-light to make herself smarter to save the metas suffering from the virus.

At home, Jefferson is trying to talk to Lynn telling her that everyone in this family is falling apart, but Lynn, super focused, heads back to the ASA. Lynn is caring for an older man dying of the virus and eventually with the help of green-light comes up with a vaccine that heals the man.

Later we find out that O’Dell planted the idea of Lynn taking green-light into her subconscious by making the word green-light flash so fast on all her screens that she would think it was her own idea to take the “most addictive drug on the planet.”

The Freeland Occupation

For the first time in months, Jefferson is able to get back to his “normal” life. Driving to Garfield, he’s stopped at a meta checkpoint where a few meta’s are taken down by the ASA. This is the first time Jefferson is really exposed to the war-zone that is now Freeland. At Garfield, Jefferson jokes that he can’t believe he used to worry about metal detectors. Walking down the halls an intrigued Jefferson see’s a video of a meta attack from a student at Garfield, later the student Tavon gets taken by the ASA. Principal Lowry also informs Jefferson that he has a new job as the Guidance Counselor and has been given a raise and a big new office thanks to the ASA.

Jefferson meets with a cloaked Gambi, who’s in hiding because everyone Freeland thinks he’s dead. Gambi & Jeff come up with a plan to track his new suit to find the pit, a prison for meta-humans & meta-human risk involvement. Jefferson is not happy about the occupation on-going in Freeland and he meets up with O’Dell to tell him off. O’Dell threatens Jefferson telling him that all he has to do is what he’s been asked and if he doesn’t he’ll throw his family in the pit.

Jennifer doesn’t understand the occupation and why the city is on lockdown. O’Dell informs her about Yugoslavia and other genocides which have an impact on Jefferson as she wants to search and learn about why this is happening in her city. O’Dell has been slightly manipulating her to see her why this occupation is a necessity. Jennifer starts believing that occupation is a good thing and that the ASA is trying to help. Her classmates disagree with her in class as they have a heated discussion about genocide. At the very end of the episode, O’Dell shows up again to show Jennifer just how powerful her powers are as she flies up miles above the perimeter and looks down on earth.

Painkiller’s Mission

Khalil is tasked with tracking down a man who has been stealing the ASA’s supply trucks. Earlier this season we met Sinzell, one of the drug-leaders who has been taking the trucks. Khalil interrogates a few men before killing them. Later, Painkiller finds Sinzell and kills him.


Painkiller (Jordan Calloway) tortures two men on his mission from the ASA. (Courtesy of the CW)

Black-Bird (and Black Lightning)

Jefferson pays Anissa a visit at her fancy loft, and meets Grace Choi. Jefferson makes some assumptions to Anissa about the drug money she takes to live in her place and about Blackbird throwing tanks at helicopters. Anissa takes exception to her over-bearing father and kicks him out, telling him he’s not welcome anymore. Later, Jefferson heads back because he needs Anissa’s help and call a truce. Anissa tells him about her Blackbird operation and how she gets meta’s out of Freeland. Jefferson laughs because he used to call her Harriet Tubman as a child, but now she really is. Anissa accepts Jeffersons offer to help rescue his student Tavon from the ASA.


Jefferson (Cress Williams) and Anissa (Nafessa Williams) get into a big argument. (Courtesy of the CW)

Black Lightning heads to the Freeland police station to free Tavon ( and other metas) with help from Gambi and Blackbird. Black Lightning shuts down the power grid inside the prison, which allows for Blackbird to open the cell door and free the metas. Blackbird takes them outside of town, Tavon runs to the Perdi, but the other metas involved in the checkpoint attack decide to stay in Freeland and fight the good fight. O’Dell knows that it was Black Lightning who freed the metas even know Gambi disabled the tracker in his suit. O’Dell threatens him telling him he knows it was him and this was his one-time pass.


“Lynn’s Ouroboros” really ramps up the The Book of Occupation before the show takes a two week hiatus. O’Dell’s manipulations are single handedly tearing the Pierce family apart as it’s shown that he’s responsible for not only making Lynn extremely addicted to green-light for his own personal gain but he’s building Jennifer up to be the dark phoenix of the arrowverse and has Jefferson in a predicament as well, unable to help the city as Black Lightning in fear his family will end up in the pit. Last week, I noticed that it looked like they were setting the Pierce family up for an epic split and with Jefferson’s argument with Anissa, Lynn’s addiction to green-light, and Jennifer’s cosmic powers being realized, Jefferson is going to have a hard time trying to bring his family back together. Is O’Dell the main villain or are the Markovians? This has been the biggest question that hasn’t been answered yet so far this season but I think after this episode, we can argue that O’Dell is this seasons big villain.