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Jessica Jones promotional art cover for episode 201 “AKA Start at the Beginning.” Photo courtesy of Netflix.

**This Article Contains Spoilers for Jessica Jones Episode 201 and Episodes Prior**

“Kilgrave isn’t the only ghost in your head.”

Jessica Jones is back, and man it’s off to a great start! What I find really admirable with the season opener, is how well it gets us back into Jessica Jones and her world.  Not only that, but it flawlessly sets up the season arc and gives us the emotional landscape that each character resides in.

Jessica is trying to get her life back to normal, and is taking cases under Alias Investigations. Since it’s Jessica, her past is weighing heavily on her. She is seen as a super vigilante by the public, and a hero by others. Each time her super status is brought up, she gets triggered. Krysten Ritter’s performance does a fantastic job expressing this fragile mental state Jessica is resting in. We are given a good understanding of the multiple layers of trauma that she is wading through, and the public spotlight isn’t helping.

IGH, the company thought to be responsible for Jessica’s power in the first season, comes back in a big way thanks to The Whizzer—who had a really great slow burn introduction.  For those that may not have caught it (or didn’t immediately google ‘The Whizzer’), The Whizzer is in fact a Marvel Comics superhero who was saved by being injected with the blood of a mongoose after being bit by a Cobra. I got a kick out of how slyly he was introduced, and the way in which both Jessica and me as a viewer shrugged him off as a loon. In reality though, Whizzer was actually running for his life from IGH.  It’s sad we won’t see him suit up, since his pursuers succeeded in their assassination—though they unintentionally caught the attention of Jessica.

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Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones. Photo courtesy of Netflix.

Whizzer wasn’t the only thing bringing IGH to the surface. Trish ‘Patsy’ Walker is dead set on exposing them to the public—even if Jessica is not. Trish was given a really strong foundation to start the season on, and I very quickly became invested in her quest. She starts to feel that the voice and influence she has as a radio host isn’t being utilized to its fullest.  She wants to use Jessica and her story (anonymously) to help others. This leads to her pushing Jessica to stop avoiding her past, and to confront it head on so that they can find IGH together, and keep them from doing to others what they did to Jessica. We also get introduced to Griffin, Trish’s boyfriend. Though the episode doesn’t give him much time, he looks to be an interesting addition to the cast.

Jessica Jones has more to worry about than just IGH.  Pryce Cheng approaches her with an offer to absorb Alias Investigations. Jessica says no, and it leads to her being arrested after Pryce goads her into an assault charge. Pryce seems to be a tricky one, and I can’t help but think that his motivations go deeper than being tasked by Hogarth. I do like how the show is keeping an emphasis on Alias Investigations, and not forgetting that Jessica runs a company.

As mentioned above, Hogarth is also back.  While she’s doing some backroom scheming with Pryce, overall she doesn’t seem to be in too great of a position.  She is being sued by her former affair, and the whole case hasn’t placed Hogarth in great standing with her partners.  On top of that, at the very end of the episode her world is flipped upside down when she is given some seemingly grave medical news. I think that’s a strong direction to send Hogarth in, and I look forward to seeing how she will handle it.

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Carrie-Anne Moss as Jeri Hogarth. Photo courtesy of Netflix.

Another familiar face that we get to catch up with is Malcolm. He is looking great, and seems to be faring much better than he had been in season one.  He has successfully filled his role at Alias investigations, helping out and becoming a support pillar for Jessica. I know it’s only a matter of time before conflict creeps into his storyline, but for now it’s great to see him doing well.

The premiere does a great job at getting the audience back into Jessica’s world, and emotionally engaged with the demons that she will have to confront head on this season.  The well paced starting chapter makes sure to keep you engaged, and the sharp dialogue and wit is still ever present. The show is proving that even without Kilgrave, there is plenty to love and become engrossed in.

What did you guys think of the episode?  Make sure to leave your thoughts down below in the comments! But please make sure to keep it spoiler free of any future episode information.  For all of our Jessica Jones Season 2 coverage and reviews in one place, make sure to check out our HUB.

Bonus Notes:

  • You thought I wouldn’t mention the Simpson sighting didn’t you?  I wonder what role he will have to play going forward.
  • That moment when the ashes of Jessica Jones family shatter against the ceiling and rain over her was fantastic, and made for great a oh s*** moment.
  • While he had a cool introduction, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that The Whizzer’s powers in action didn’t look awkward.
  • Whizzer’s pet mongoose was a nice touch.
  • Who is this mysterious figure that Jessica remembers at the end? A figure who looks very much like Deadpool. Crossover confirmed.
Jessica Jones 201 Poster

Jessica Jones promotional art cover for episode 201 “AKA Start at the Beginning.” Photo courtesy of Netflix.

Jessica Jones Season 2 is now available to stream exclusively on Netflix.