On February 14 Netflix released the new special by Chris Rock directed by comedian Bo Burnham.  This is the first stand-up he has done in ten years and he had many stories to tell.  The show was hilarious and the way it was shot let you see the audience and how Rock interacted with them.  Overall, it was an amazing performance that let you into the intimates of Rock’s life.

“Kill The Messenger” was released in 2009, it was a grandiose performance to a giant crowd.  For this performance, however, he looks humble and the crowd seems more intimate.  The structure of the show seems to be in a creative disarray but completely planned.  Burnham, a fellow comedian, started his career on YouTube and quickly rose to be one of the most respected comedians while being 27.  While this isn’t the first special he has directed, the work on this one makes the show more intriguing.  Shots of the audience and their reactions, as well as, close-ups of Rock as he reveals the raw bits of his life make the whole performance captivating.

Rock spoke of police brutality, Trump, his children, his opinion of bullying, and finished with details of his own personal life.  His opinions were well thought out and everything was worded well.

All in all, Rock gave some good advice about how about partners being like a band and sometimes you are the lead and other times your partner is the lead and you should be in the back playing the tambourine with all your might supporting the other person.

The show was interesting and Rock’s opinions on things brought a new perspective on many issues.  More importantly, the show was funny and the flow was very smooth.

Tamborine is available on Netflix to stream now.