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ASOUE: Season 2, Episode 9 (The Carnivorous Carnival) Part 1

ASOUE: Season 2, Episode 9 (The Carnivorous Carnival) Part 1

Part one of the Carnivorous Carnival begins at the VFD headquarters, sometime in the past. They’re having a masquerade party and most, if not all of the VFD are in attendance. There’s a note being passed around to warn a young Snicket that Olaf knows something important, but before Snicket can warn Beatrice, Olaf is seen pushing her off a balcony.

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In present day, the Baudelaire’s are in Olaf’s trunk where they have hidden to escape the fire at the hospital. The car comes to an abrupt stop when Olaf and his troop arrive at the  Caligari Carnival. Olaf wants to find a woman who works at the carnival named Madame LuLu who is supposed to be able to see the future. This is the first time we see Olivia the Librarian back since Jacques Snicket died and she is disguised as Madame LuLu.

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After Madame LuLu convinces Olaf she is a real psychic, the troop decides to stay around until morning to find out if one of the Baudelaire parents survived the fire. The children know they have to find out about their parents before Olaf so they disguise themselves as carnival freaks and they audition to be in the carnival.

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After getting the job, they are given a room among the other freakshow workers. After Olaf leaves her tent, Olivia makes a call to the VFD. The next morning, Olaf arrives at Madame LuLu’s tent for his reading. Olivia the Librarian, disguised as Madame LuLu, tells Olaf that one of the Baudelaire parents has in fact survived the fire.

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When the children hear the news of their parents, they decide to sneak into Madame LuLu’s tent to uncover the truth. However, before they have the chance, Olaf makes them get ready to perform in the freak show. The show doesn’t go well and Olaf leaves to get something that will make the show spectacular!

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While Olaf is away, the Baudelaire’s decide they can finally sneak into LuLu’s tent. In search for answers, the children discover the machines LuLu uses to trick people. They also see footage from the party at the VFD many years ago and in opening LuLu’s cabinet, they find costumes labeled “Various Fakery Disguises” and footage reels of codes used by the VFD.

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The children watch the footage reels and finally discover the secret organization their parents were part of was called the Volunteer Fire Department and they were responsible for putting out figurative and literal fires. After Violet knocks over LuLu’s crystal ball, Olivia enters the tent and reveals herself to be the librarian. The Baudelaire’s  and Olivia are happy to see one another.

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This is the end of the Carnivorous Carnival part 1. What will be in store for the Baudelaire children in the last installment of season 2? Stay tuned next week for the conclusion of ASOUE season 2!

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