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Episode Synopsis:

Boo turns to blackmail; Nicky promises that she will help Lorna; a discovery is made; Piper has a realization about Alex.



Taystee really screwed the pooch on the negotiations. Things were going so well because the inmates were going to have all their demands met, EXCEPT Bailey still wouldn’t be put in prison. Because the whole riot was for justice for Poussey, Taystee really wouldn’t give in and that in turn messed everything up. Caputo and Figueroa ended up leaving and now the inmates are probably not getting any of their demands met. Also, things got worse for Taystee, because she found out later that the hostages escaped and that Cindy ended up giving Suzanne lithium to cure her manic episode. It’s kind of sad to see that after several days of negotiating, Taystee was making great progress, but now, it was all for nothing.


We haven’t seen Bailey in a while, but he seems to be in the same condition; incredibly depressed and not knowing what to do with his life. We see that he’s traveling somewhere, and later we find out that he was going to see Poussey’s family. He ends up talking to her dad, and things don’t end like he had hoped. I really didn’t know what Poussey’s dad would say to Bailey, when he found out who he was, but I guess his response made sense. He was feeling angry that Bailey killed his daughter, and for that, he had no sympathy for him. It kind of sucks for Bailey because he’s in this limbo and nothing is going the way he hoped. He can’t get arrested and there’s nothing that he can do to give him peace. What is interesting, is that at the end of the episode, he decides not to go back to Litchfield and I’m guessing, opts to travel somewhere else. Will he ever return to Litchfield? Who knows.

Piper & Alex

We returned with Piper and Alex being central to the episode, and they made a giant leap in their story arc. They were starting off a little rocky in the beginning of the episode, but when Piper decided to venture back upstairs, she saw her mom outside waiting with the rest of the visitors, and decided to call her. From talking to her mom, she realized in that moment, how much Alex meant to her, because they had been through a traumatic experience together and they’ve always been inseparable, so afterwards, she returned to Alex and asked her to marry her. It was actually a great moment, even though it was unconventional, but it worked for them. Their relationship has definitely been all over the place, but in the end, they’ve always been there for each other. In the episode, we also got some more flashbacks from Piper and Alex’s lives, and it weirdly had to do with their tattoos. We saw Piper get her fish tattoo on the back of her neck, which was meant for Alex, and we also saw Alex talk about her love is pain tattoo with a stranger at a bar. I guess it was showing that even though during those times, they were apart, they were still connected in some way. Also, we randomly saw Larry get a tattoo on his butt, but it did eventually lead us into the scene of Piper calling Alex.


I’m still disappointed in Maria for going behind Gloria’s back and releasing the hostages, but her reward was definitely not what she was expecting. Apparently, there was no agreement made with the higher ups and so in the end, Maria didn’t get what she wanted. She did get told though, that her sentence might be changed, but I’m sure there’s a slim chance of that happening.


So Penns totally snuck out of prison undetected, and decided to hang out at Coates’s house and I think that was pretty brave of her. I mean, of course no one was there to even stop her, so that was awesome, but I’m pretty sure red flags are going to go up when the system finds out that one of their prisoners is missing. She also now has a gun, so I’m pretty sure she’ll put up a fight if she gets caught.

Boo & Linda

Boo has Linda exactly where she wants her and now she’s having fun ratting her out to everyone. First, she used her new found power, to make Linda pay her a lot of money, but we never actually saw the transaction happen, so who knows if that even happened, but we did see Boo rat out Linda to a lot of inmates in the cafeteria. I kind of felt bad for Linda, but at the same time, she is part of MCC and we all hate them.

Lorna & Nicky

These two had some small moments together in this episode, but I thought they were really heartfelt scenes. Nicky came back to see Lorna, and Lorna showed Nicky all her pregnancy tests. Seeing that Lorna is indeed pregnant, Nicky instantly decided that she would help Lorna as much as possible. Poor Lorna was distraught because she thought Vinnie didn’t want anything to do with her anymore, which in turn led to a great scene between Nicky and Vince. She called him up and told him that Lorna was for sure pregnant. She also gushed about how great Lorna was because she is very committed to people and protective and Nicky wished she had someone like that in her life. It’s kind of heartbreaking to see Nicky suffer because she’s always loved Lorna, but on the flip side Lorna now loves Vinnie and for some reason, I like them as a couple too. I think it’s because he loves Lorna, even with all her unusual quirks.


Red had a very quick scene with Piscatella, and he is still being relentless, even though he’s at her mercy. I did like that she felt that she was returning to her old self again and that’s good to see. She also feels like she got her revenge because now people have seen on the internet, how ruthless Piscatella can be, and that makes her feel like she’s accomplished something.

Caputo & Figueroa

These two are still into each other, and it was like the old days. But besides that, they got some bad news, when they found out that Taystee wasn’t the one to release the hostages. The next plan of action, is to storm down the prison. Definitely not what Caputo wanted to see happen and I’m sure he’s now concerned for the girls.