Source: Blackish // ABC

So, Dre has moved out of the house and is renting what he considers his dream home, albeit a litter kid-unfriendly, but his dream home nonetheless. Dre is a bit of a frat boy and a little bit materialistic. The housing choice is completely unrealistic and cold and unfeeling. The kids hate it, he hates it, and Bow hates it. But he rents it anyways. Now, the kids are going back and forth between parents.

Bow and Dre and now learning to be parents who are single. Bow learning to take charge of the house and becoming the head of the household, along with a few bumps and scares. But eventually she gets the hang of it and even Zoey notices that she is handling things better. Dre, after a couple of mishaps with the kid’s first visit, has changed things on his end as well. Attempting to make his home warmer and kid friendly and even manages to cook them a well-balanced meal. And things seem not great but somewhat manageable.

After a great day with the kids and a good meal. Dre gets a call from Bow, and once again life happens. Her father died. Which now makes a little sense, because when Jack busted in on her, she had just hung up the phone and was crying, he made her laugh but we didn’t know what was going on. Then we notice her dad wasn’t at the graduation just her mom. And now I understand why I believe he was sick or maybe hospitalized and that is why she was crying.

What I loved about this the most, was that despite everything that was going on between them. He was the first person she called and he came running to her side, no hesitation. At the base of their relationship are love and friendship. He is her best friend and she is his and no matter what if she needs him he’s there. And once was, is no more. Funny how tragedy can make you appreciate what is really important in life. Even still they continue their therapy and as the sessions continue, notice that the gap they once had is slowly closing in until she is sitting right next to him. The symbolism in this show is amazing if you pay close attention.

So now Dre and Bow are back together and reaffirmed their love and marriage and things are getting back on the right track. I loved how these last 4 episodes were dedicated to the possibility of their relationship ending. It left you wondering if they would truly be able to fix this. Was the ending a bit clichéd, yes it was! But tragedy can go both ways, it can either pull you closer or drive you further apart. I think it forced Bow to be vulnerable and to realize things about herself she may not have known. I don’t like some of Bow’s characteristics and I could not understand why it’s because she and I are very similar. We tend not to like qualities about ourselves, seen in other people. And there you have the season finale of black*ish. See Y’all next season.