The 100 501 8

Eliza Taylor as Clarke. Picture courtesy of TellTaleTV.

The 100 is finally back! The premiere episode focused mostly on Clarke’s journey, and how she got to where she was in last season’s stinger. I think this was a good move to take, it was intriguing to see her struggle to make it through a destroyed world.

That trademark darkness of the show was still ever present. Clarke’s journey was painful to witness, as she was on the brink of death for a good two months. I mean, I almost wanted to give up with her in the desert as she screamed at the world. But then, she miraculously found the untouched valley that became her sanctuary. I will say, that the plain existence of that valley is quite the convenience. I hope they have a legitimate story explanation as to why it may have survived the Praimfaya—even if the people there didn’t. But boy, seeing dozens of dead bodies in that abandoned mess hall was dark.

We were left wondering after last season just who that little girl under Clarke’s care could possibly be. Now we know! Clarke ran into Maddie as she discovered her sanctuary—Maddie being alone and scared (but efficient) Nightblood. The two only survivors in the world made for a great pairing, and watching how they came into each other’s life was gratifying. As great as it was seeing how the two came to meet, I look forward to further development on their mother-daughter relationship. It adds a whole new layer to Clarke’s already extremely complex character, as she is essentially a mother now.

The 100 501 5

Eliza Taylor as Clarke (left) and Lola Flanery as Madi (right). PIcture courtesy of TellTaleTV.

With attention on Clarke, I’m surprised that the episode had time to give to everyone on the space station. Personally I felt the episode should have stayed focused on Clarke and Maddie, but the detour didn’t necessarily hurt the proceedings. Oddly enough, there weren’t many surprises or big upheavals in the group to reveal. I mean Bellamy being with Echo was something I could have seen coming a mile away. The more intriguing elements of the station was Murphy’s self imposed banishment on the ship, and Monty’s complicated guilt when it came to going back down the surface.

Now with these new arrivals, I feel like it’s all confirmed that they 100% have bad intentions. We haven’t gotten to much of a feel for them yet, but I can’t help but think that we may start to get more of the same—conflict wise. Most of them are violent ex-criminals, and shown by their run in with Clarke and Maddie, they aren’t of kind hearts. They are likely going to make rash decisions and choices against our protagonists and any potential peace—which would be no different than the last four seasons. My fingers are crossed that as the plot advances, things don’t follow any familiar paths.

The 100 returned with a satisfying episode that caught us up with nearly all of our main characters. The only people left to catch back up with are Octavia and everyone in the bunker—and from the small preview given to us, it isn’t looking so great. With the arrival of a new threat to the surface, I hope the show can differentiate the conflict from its previous seasons. Though if all of the action is going to happen in this one remaining valley, it’s going to make for quite some interesting times.

The 100 501 3

Ivana Milicevic as Diyoza (far right). PIcture courtesy of TellTaleTV.

What did you guys think of the episode? Make sure to leave your thoughts on it down below!

Bonus Notes:

– The idea that there are no good guys is one of my favorite running themes of this show. I’m glad it’s alive and well. Clarke shooting Maddie’s attackers despite her defense of him was that trademark darkness I enjoy in the show.
– With the Bunker collapsed in on, how are they ever going to get out in the first place?
– I am very intrigued with the idea of everyone on the spaceship trying to dock onto the foreign ship above earth. It just seems like a more unique conflict than the one that may play out on the surface with Clarke.
– Monty’s “make algae not war” apron was a great touch.