Now anyone on this website is aware of the big name heroes. Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman for example. However, there are countless superheroes that aren’t given NEARLY as much attention as they deserve.  In this list, you’ll get to see 5 different underground superheroes that may just strike your fancy.


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#5 The Question

The only “Question” I have about this guy is why he’s unheard of. He’s amazing!  The Question was originally Vic Sage: Just a regular investigative reporter. At least in the daytime. But at night, The Question roams the streets as a vigilante and master detective. The Question has an interesting sense of mystery about him, considering his mask hides his face. Literally, the material of the mask, “pseudoderm”  gives his face a blank expression, which leaves him a lot more mysterious than other heroes. The Question is an odd, paranoid, yet funny superhero, whom I strongly believe you would enjoy getting to know better.

#4 Captain Thunder

Now, this guy is something to be interested in. Originally, Willie Fawcett was just an orphan kid from an alternate Earth from ours. Willie ended up finding Merokee, from the Mohegan tribe (This might make more sense if you’re aware of the story). Merokee then told Willie that he was awaiting a boy noble of spirit. That boy happened to be Willie. Merokee gave him a belt that would grant him seven spiritual powers. Therefore, Willie Fawcett got to become Captain Thunder. His seven powers are even an acronym for THUNDER.  Tornado- Power, Hare- Speed, Uncas- Bravery, Nature- Wisdom, Diamond- Toughness, Eagle- Flight, Ram, Tenacity.  I highly recommend you check out the story of Captain Thunder, if you haven’t already.


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#3 Inferior Five

Now I know I’m bending the rules by putting five people here, but these guys deserve an exception. You may not think that they’re anything enjoyable with a group name like the “Inferior Five”, but I assure you, that’s the entire point! They’re a parody of the Justice League of America, but their whole existence feels original and fun. The group consists of Merryman, Awkwardman, The Blimp, White Feather, and Dumb Bunny. I know, the most harmless superhero names on every fictional planet. These five heroes are not the ones that you will daydream about being when you should be doing work, but they definitely can be the ones that you have a good laugh with.

#2 Moon Knight

This has got to be one of my favorite hero stories of all time (This is also the first Marvel pick of the list). This hero’s alter ego is Marc Spector. Spector was a heavyweight boxer until he became a U.S Marine. After some of his time with the military, he left and became a mercenary. While doing a job Egypt, Marc Spector was left for dead after a battle but was saved by the moon god Khonshu, on the condition that he would become an avatar of vengeance. This has to lead to him having multiple personalities struggling for control inside of him. This makes the character be a good man, who is forced at times to unleash the evil inside of him. I find the tale of Moon Knight an incredibly interesting story, that you would surely enjoy.


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#1 Cloak and Dagger

And to finish off this list, we have a vigilante crime-fighting duo. These two have one of my hero chemistries of all time. Two runaways from home that become superheroes and end up working together is enough for me to be hooked, but you might be more skeptical. Here’s some backstory. Tyrone Johnson was a 17-year-old boy with a stuttering problem from Boston, Massachusetts that ran to New York City, after being unable to save his friend from being killed (Due to his speech impediment). Tandy Bowen was a 16-year-old girl that came from an upper-class family in Shaker Heights, Ohio, and she ran away to New York City because her rich, entitled mother never spent a time with her. After Tyrone retrieved Tandy’s purse for her, the two began to befriend one another. Unfortunately, Tandy got involved with the criminal chemist, Simon Marshall, who tested his new heroin on runaway teens. Tyrone and Tandy managed to survive the injections of the drug, and they fled. During their escape, the drug’s effect gave them superpowers. Tyrone became overshadowed in complete darkness, whereas Tandy was glowing in a powerful light. To hide his dark appearance, Tyrone wore a makeshift “cloak” that could absorb enemies into his shadowy darkness, while Tandy could strike down her foes with her own “daggers” of light. The two teens named themselves “Cloak and Dagger” and declared war on drug crime in fighting-related drug-dealers and helping runaway children. 

These are a mere five choices of the unlimited ocean of lesser-known superheroes. The question is: Which ones will appeal to you?