Slight spoilers may be talked about below, so please be sure to watch the latest episode before reading on!

WWE hall of fame 2018 inductee, Bill Goldberg returned in a Big Sir centric episode called “Honey, I’ve Shrunk Team Flash”.

The Flash — Big Sir

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Here, Barry — who’s still in jail — and the rest of Team Flash try to help out Big Sir (Bill Goldberg) get out of prison the legal way after finding out that Big Sir was framed for a murder 15 years ago. The second story of the episode was Cisco and Dibby getting miniaturized by a new villains who has the power to shrink anything; which leads to Harry stressing out over the fact that Team Flash has to deal with multiple issues at once. Those being not just the DeVoe’s grand plan, but to get Barry out of prison, help out Big Sir and lastly capturing the new meta while saving Cisco and Dibby. Then there was a third story, which was actually about Cecile discovering she has meta powers herself much to the annoyance of Team Flash throughout the episode with her reading everyone’s minds without permission.

The episode was probably one of the best since the series returned, it’s a complete 180 from the winter return episode that was dark and depressive weeks ago, with the laughs coming from Team Flash and especially with Cecile constantly butting in and speaking out loud whatever anyone was thinking. The heartstrings were also tugged at too, but not in a dramatic way but in the “I’m not gonna cry man” moments between Barry and Big Sir, with Barry reminding Sir to believe in hope again and that he’ll get out eventually.

The only downside to the episode was the metahuman himself who happened to actually look like the guy that Big Sir said framed him all those years ago. That usual comic book coincidence I say! The metahuman, while having a cool power set of shrinking/enlarging buildings, cars and other massive objects gave a great visual effect, yet was still a forgettable villain by the end of the episode. With the only memorable moment for him was the minutes leading up to him shrinking Cisco and Dibby or when Harry finally tricked him into curing the miniature heroes.

However on the flip side the true colors of the Iron Heights warden were shown in the closing moments of the episode, which actually ironically followed up with my security camera complaint from last week’s episode. Ha, I knew they were going to callback the fact that Barry was zipping in and around the prison complex freely!

Next week looks to be a big game changer in the fact that Barry’s secret identity may finally be out to the public in a similar manner to the classic Green Arrow story — and would have been movie — “SuperMax”. But, I have a strange feeling that Barry will be broken out of there by next week’s episode end due to a certain mysterious girl.

..’Till next time speedsters!