Jessica Nigri first gained notoriety in 2009 when she cosplayed as a sexy version of Pikachu at San Diego Comic-Con. That cosplay served as the launch pad for Jessica’s amazing cosplay career.

Cosplay is defined as “costume play”; when a person dresses as their favorite character from video games, film, books, television, or whatever peaks their interest. Jessica Nigri is a superstar in the cosplay world, known for her massive builds, such as the Deathwing costume she created. Many people know the name Jessica Nigri, but not many people know her story.

Jessica Nigri

Image Source: Reddit

This is where Rooster Teeth comes into the picture. Having worked with Nigri before on their anime RWBY, they reached out to Nigri and asked to feature her in one of their RT Documentaries.

Becoming Jessica Nigri began streaming for Rooster Teeth FIRST members on January 26th. The film, which was directed by independent filmmaker Mat Hames, featuring Jessica as she works on her cosplay for BlizzCon 2017 Between scenes showing Jessica as she works on her costume fans get to see interviews with Jessica as she talks about her history with cosplay and being a nerd. She discusses how her father and brothers were the first ones to introduce her to the world of fantasy and science fiction. She also talks about how she was bullied in high school for liking “nerdy” things.

Jessica Nigri

Image Source: Rooster Teeth

It is not often that fans are able to glimpse into the life of some of their favorite internet stars. Nigri has always been very real and honest with her fans through her various social media outlets.  She becomes a little emotional when she talks about how the world of cosplay is for any person, regardless of their appearance. Jessica has always tried to be a ray of positivity in a world that is sometimes harsh. She has faced a lot of criticism on the internet, but she never lets that negativity affect her love for nerd culture and cosplay. As someone who has never cosplayed before, this documentary makes me want to start working on a costume. Jessica’s pure love for cosplay and seeing all of the hard work she puts into her costumes is truly inspiring.