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Superstore has positioned itself as The Peacock network’s most audacious comedy. Mixing the heartfelt with the mundane plus a dash of the utterly ridiculous, gives the employees from Cloud 9 a leg up on their less funny competitors.

Not shying away from the benefits of a unionized workforce, last week’s episode showed just how split the worker bees are from the upper levels of management. With the installation of a new district manager (the fabulous Justina Machado from One Day at a Time), Amy decides to go all out to impress her with their store’s team spirit for Halloween.

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It wouldn’t be Superstore without a dash of the absurd and ‘Trick-or-Treat’ offers it in spades. From Mateo and Cheyenne speculating about the validity of Dina as a serial killer (their assumption: high) to Glenn’s terror of going into the garden center haunted house (made even funnier due to Garrett’s pranks). This episode belongs to Amy and Jonah though. Although the dynamic duo have weathered some rough patches (including her giving birth to her ex-husband’s baby), they seem to be in lock step. Except when Jonah takes the lead on the union organizing-a lead that Amy isn’t comfortable giving up.

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The show is giving us snippets of how a relationship between a manager and subordinate can go well and go sideways simultaneously. When the Fenton store union organizer turns out to be Jonah’s ex Kelly, the proverbial ish hits the fan. Lying to district manager Maya about Jonah and Kelly still being together turns into losing the signed union cards in Maya’s Halloween goody bag.

As Amy and Jonah contemplate what Maya knowing about the union plans means, the uncertainty on their faces is plain

Honies, you’ve got a possible storm a-coming!

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