Hello hello and welcome back, to our weekly dose of The Resident! I must apologize, I didn’t realize Episode 2 aired 2 weeks ago, so this week, we will have two reviews and catch up on the series a bit. I won’t lie, this series makes me feel a bit.. meh some days. I guess I prefer a medical show with drama undertones, but this series, its a drama with a hospital setting. Not good, not bad, just mentioning how I feel. Maybe it’s just the new series jitters, and will settle into a more medical focused series. Maybe people enjoy the Drama storyline, and I’m incorrect in my view.

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I’m not sure how much time has passed since Devon’s first day, and this episode, but it seems Conrad has decided to let Devon work by himself while he focuses on his own patient, a man named Mika who needs a heart transplant. They have a heart, the perfect match, but another patient, Congressman Trip Dunlap, enters the hospital. It seems Dr. Bell and another Doctor, Lane Hunter, are out hunting with Trip Dunlap and another Congressman when Mr. Dunlap has a heart attack. Using his powers, he ends up getting the  Congressman the heart meant for Mika.

r 2.1Devon is running around like a chicken with his head cut off as he learns to stand alone. Conrad told him to not page him unless he absolutely has to. So, he takes things into his own hands, ordering a thoracotomy for the Liberal Congressman. Him and Conrad face off later, about the unnessaccary surgery when a simpler procedure would have been less evasive, and shorter recovery time. Devon responds by pointing out the patient has a hereditary platelet disorder, and the easier procedure would most likely kill him. Conrad responds with “You’ve passed Independence Day.”

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We see a bit more of the shady dealings Conrad is willing to play to get his way. Chloe, the brain dead girl from episode 1, also matches the Congressman and Mika. He swaps blood samples between Trip and another patient, making him no longer a candidate for one of the hearts, the perfect match for Mika. Of course, Bell realises this, talks with Chloe’s family and gets the consent for the donation, and confronts Conrad privately, accusing him, which our 3rd Year Resident does not deny. Instead of creating a case, he let’s it drop, but only if Conrad can talk Mina in assisting in Trip’s surgery.

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While Conrad and Devon have their own cases, Nic is taking care of Lily, while watching Devon’s back, she notices that Dr. Hunter, who is Lily’s doctor, is trying to discharge her, even though she wasn’t fully recovered. Before she can voice her concerns, she finds Lily’s room empty. When Lane enters, Nic asks her about the tests, but Dr. Hunter explains she did more testing, and Lily was improving. When Dr. Hunter leaves for the day, Nic tries to find Lily’s file, and cannot. It seems Lane Hunter keeps all her patient files on a private server. Not a big fan of hers, Lane Hunter. She is probably just as corrupt as Dr. Bell.

All in all, it was a very entertaining episode, showing how the system can be abused for those in the upper class. A character I am slowly falling in love is Dr. Irving Feldman. He brings comedy to a serious series, and he never feels fake, or trying to find who he is. In the episode, he is forced to remove pellets from a buttocks, but also, gets a very cute redhead at the end of the night. It also seems he is in every episode this season. I look forward to him every episode, and hope you have found a character who makes you want to watch the series as well. Stay shiny!