While it might feel painful to think about, we’re fast approaching the end of the “Originals.”

Have you finished your hysterical wailing?  Good.  Let’s look at some of the shows and projects these cast members will be going onto next.

(1) Danielle Campbell (Davina Clare) 

This is one actress who can’t get enough of the supernatural!  Despite how little of her character we’ve seen this season, the actor has already been cast into the TV show “Tell Me a Story.”  The show will be a psychological thriller.  It will do modern day depictions of stories such as The Three Little Pigs, Hansel and Gretel, and Little Red Riding Hood.  Danielle Campbell will be playing Kayla. Kayla loses her mother and moves to NYC with her father.

Bonus: Paul Wesley, who played Stefan Salvatore in the “Vampire Diaries,” will be playing opposite Danielle Campbell!

(2) Joseph Morgan (Klaus Mikaelson) 

Morgan will be getting a BIG change of scene when he finishes the “Originals!” Instead of playing an original vampire trying to protect his family from the world, from each other, and even from himself, Morgan will be playing a detective.  He’s been cast in the leading role in a TV show adaptation of the 1998 novel “Gone, Baby, Gone.”  In 2007, it was turned into a film directed by Ben Affleck. At that time, Morgan’s role was played by Casey Affleck.

Bonus: Morgan’s partner will be played by Peyton List.  Hers is a face some fans will recognize.  She played Cara Coburn on the “Tomorrow People.”  She was also in the TV show “Frequency.”  She has also been seen in various episodes of “Gotham” as Ivy Pepper.

(3) Charles Michael Davis (Marcel Gerard) 

Instead of starting a new project, Davis will be returning to a show he used to appear on.  Fans of TV show “Younger” will recognize Davis’ character Zane from season 4.  He will be popping back in on season five, but as a series regular!

Bonus: The show has already been pre-renewed for a season 6.  Fans could (potentially) have a lot of Charles Michael Davis to look forward to!

(4) Phoebe Tonkin (Hayley Mikaelson) 

All of us are still reeling from when we last saw Hayley in the “Originals,” but it might make you feel better to hear she’s already booked her next project.  This one is especially important to the actor.  It’s an Australian TV show called “Safe Harbour.” The story is about five Australians on a boat off the coast of Indonesia.  The group discovers a fishing boat full of sick and desperate people looking for asylum.  The group of friends agrees to tow the boat back to Australian shores.  Before they can, the boat vanishes.  The TV show focuses on the consequences and changes this event causes for the five friends.  Tonkin wanted the role of Olivia (one of the Australian friends) so badly, she even wrote a letter to the show’s directors explaining how important it was to her!

Bonus: I don’t have a real bonus for this one, except that the story (after the boat disappears and a few years have passed) takes place in Brisbane, Australia, a place I lived for eight months!

(5) Yusuf Gatewood (Vincent Griffith) 

Gatewood is doing very well for himself so far!  Instead of being a side character, his next TV show will have him in one of the leading roles!  The show is called “In Between Lives.”  A first glance, the plot might sound a bit familiar.  There is a woman who can talk to the dead and uses this ability to help solve cases as well as assist ghosts with unresolved business.  Familiar, right?  What makes the show a little more unique is the team she builds.  Besides her, there is also the damaged ex-FBI agent (Damian Parrish) and a LAPD detective.  Gatewood will be playing Damian Parrish.

Bonus: The LAPD detective playing opposite Gatewood will be Paul Blackthorne.  Blackthorne is most known for being in “Arrow” and playing Dresden in the “Dresden Files” TV show.  (And yes, we’re mostly still in denial that existed too).

(6) Claire Holt (Rebecca Mikaelson)

Holt has been incredibly busy.  Fans are wondering if this might be why we have seen so little of her this season.  Not only has she been getting involved in new TV shows, but her face has been appearing on the big screen too!  She was in the 2018 crime thriller “A Violent Separation,” which had a plot very familiar to Holt.  According to IMDB, “Two brothers struggle with a terrible truth behind a tragedy that aims to tear three generations of a family apart.” Holt’s other movie was “Wolf in the Wild,” which apparently only stars her and Frank Grillo.  (Brock Rumlow from “Captain America”).  Holt’s upcoming project, however, is super awesome.

The TV show is called Doomsday.  When 9/11 happens, a new secret group is created called Doomsday.  The group’s purpose is to think up as many doomsday scenarios as they can and then write up the protocols to deal with that disaster.  This way, the USA will never be caught unawares again.  The group is extremely secret . . . or it is supposed to be.  When a disaster hits the USA that fits one of the confidential scenarios the Doomsday group thought up, they know they have a problem.  Holt plays cyber security analyst Kayla.

Not a Bonus: Sadly, this TV show is still up in the air.  The cast was full of celebrity names, but the network passed on the series.  Last the world heard, the show is still shopping around for a new network to air it.

Tune in next week to find out what Keelin, teenage Hope and younger Hope (among others) are doing after the end of the “Originals!”