This episode of HTGAWM shows everyone being completely miserable. It begins with Antares going public, which is the final nail in the coffin of Laurel’s terrible horrible no-good plan. At least Laurel—who is still being kept at the hospital—has realized that her plan was terrible and she’s pretty much responsible for everything that’s currently happening. She’s self-aware and not actually crazy, despite what the doctors think/have been bribed to think. She is, however, having some pretty gnarly nightmares featuring her premature labor, evil daddy, and burned-up Wes.

Laurel tells Annalise she wants to use Evil Daddy’s focus on the IPO as grounds for negligence but Annalise tells her that her father has been visiting the baby so that won’t work. In reality, Annalise doesn’t actually want Laurel out of the hospital. She admits to Frank that she thinks Laurel might do something to hurt herself.

Michaela has her own problems, because Tegan isn’t returning her texts and she’s almost 100% fired from C&G at this point. Asher is still a person of interest in the Simon case, so he’s not doing too great. Oliver is the worst and is beyond devastated about the whole Simon situation. The only member of the squad who is remotely ok is Connor, which is a nice change because usually he’s the hottest mess of them all.

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Frank is still hanging on to Dominic’s phone, which keeps ringing and ringing, and Annalise tells him to destroy it because it’s incredibly dumb and dangerous to keep it. Frank assumes it’s Mr. Castillo calling over and over again, which would mean he doesn’t know Dominic is dead. So Frank, being Frank, puts Dominic’s body in the trunk of a car, which he then takes to be demolished. He still keeps the phone, though, because it has the voicemail from Wes/Christophe on it.

Annalise goes to Nate’s office asking for help because she thinks that the cops are lying about having the hard drive but he’s not trying to get involved with her mess. She tasks the squad (minus Michaela and Laurel) with getting the class action case back on track and finding the “face case” from the mountain of people who now want to be involved. Connor is all about it but Oliver can’t bring himself to give a shit because he’s still hung up on Simon. Annalise tells him to get over it—a harsh but necessary piece of advice that Oliver doesn’t take. Instead, he hacks the hospital so he can monitor Simon’s progress. Connor tells Annalise to go easy on Oliver but she snaps back that Oliver doesn’t need to be babied—something Connor has never understood about Oliver.

Annalise goes to Wes’s apartment looking for some sort of information/evidence about his relationship with Dominic. Being there brings back all sorts of memories for Annalise (and some flashbacks of random Wes moments over the years). She’s especially upset when she finds some baby clothes in the drawer.

At the hospital, Laurel remembers some petition that her mother’s lawyer filed when Evil Daddy had her locked up in the psych ward and she tells Michaela that she needs her phone to Google it. She texts Annalise about it and Annalise lies to her and says she already filed it and it was rejected. Michaela can smell bullshit and calls her out for lying (out of earshot from Laurel) and Annalise admits it. She tells Michaela that the reason she wants her to stay in the hospital is because she’s worried she might hurt herself.

Frank goes to Bonnie to ask her to help Laurel, which involves her screwing over Denver. Bonnie is still hella pissed at Frank for the whole lying to her about a million things including Laurel thing and she’s not currently inclined to help him. Frank just wants everything to go back to normal and for them all to be a “family” again but Bonnie tells him that they never were a family. She also tells him that she should have let him kill himself. Yikes.

Nate is still working to try and help Asher and he shows up at his place to tell him that one of the lawyers at C&G told the detective about the little scuffle between Simon and Asher at the party—not a good look for Asher. Meanwhile, Oliver decides to ditch the class action and go to the hospital to visit Simon. He lies to the nurse and tells him that he’s Simon’s boyfriend, that Simon is still in the closet, and that it’s probably why he tried to kill himself. Oliver sure has learned a thing or two from his time with Annalise and the squad because it totally works. He apologizes to Simon but he’s in a coma and probably brain damaged, although this is HTGAWM so I have a feeling he’s going to wake up even though he blew half is brain out.

Frank tells Annalise that he wants to tell Laurel about the voicemail but she disagrees completely and repeats that he needs to ditch Dominic’s phone. Frank tells her that he installed some app that tracks call locations. The phone rings again and he assumes it’s Evil Daddy but it’s from a Philly location. Frank recognizes it as Denver’s number and tells Annalise that she has to go apologize to Bonnie so that she will help them since his attempt to persuade her was a total bust.

Bonnie knows that Annalise is only there because she needs her help with Denver. Annalise apologizes to Bonnie for firing her in the shittiest way possible. That’s only one of many wounds that she’s inflicted on Bonnie over the years, though. Bonnie asks Annalise why she can’t accept Bonnie’s admission that she loves her and why it upsets her. She tells Annalise that she’s not IN LOVE with her but that she loves her in a way that’s more complicated than a marriage or girlfriend-type situation. Annalise tells Bonnie that she’s super needy and it’s too much for her sometimes and Bonnie says that she feels the same way about Annalise. Annalise says that their whole relationship is based on them needing each other for one reason or another.

Bonnie believes that their entire relationship is based on Annalise’s guilt over tearing her apart on the stand all those years ago and that the whole reason she sucked her into her life was so that she could feel better about the shitty thing she did to an innocent victim. Then Annalise admits something that we all know—she only helps people in order to make herself feel better and not as empty. She tells Bonnie that she should have let her kill herself instead of saving her.

The scene between Bonnie and Annalise is the standout of this episode. I have always loved the relationship between Annalise and Bonnie but lately their absolute inability to communicate with each other has been frustrating. Here they actually have a grown up conversation about their feelings—including the ugly truths about the things they have done to one another over the years—without flipping the fuck out on one another. It’s really great and both performances are flawless.

Back at the hospital, Connor and Asher go to Simon’s room to get Oliver but Oliver won’t leave. Asher offers to stay with Simon and Connor goes to see Laurel. Asher tries to get through to Oliver and speaks from his own experience, telling Oliver to try and drown out the guilty feelings with food, sex, work—whatever makes him feel good and not think about all the bad shit.

In Laurel’s room, Michaela is trying to get Laurel to explain what happened to induce her premature labor and wonders whether it happened when Simon grabbed her bag. Michaela admits that it would help with the guilt if they could blame the premature labor on Simon, but that’s not it. Laurel finally admits to Michaela that it was Frank’s fault—that she felt it start when he accidently hit her in the stomach when she tried to break up Frank’s fight with Connor. She doesn’t want Frank to know, though, because it would devastate him to know it was his fault.

Bonnie ultimately does go to Denver on behalf of the squad. She tells Denver that she got rid of all the evidence from Simon’s computer that links Antares/Mr. Castillo to Denver’s campaign. What he doesn’t know is that she’s recorded their conversation about it.

Laurel apologizes to the squad and finally admits to all of them that her plan was garbage and this whole thing is her fault. She’s desperate to get out of the hospital so she can start to try and fix her mess. Michaela goes to Annalise to beg her to help. She breaks her promise to Laurel and tells Annalise (in front of Frank) that it was Frank’s fault that she went into premature labor and that Laurel didn’t do anything to bring it on and isn’t a danger to herself. This changes Annalise’s mind and she goes to Isaac for help.


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Another week, another lack of make out session between Annalise and Isaac. This time, Isaac is especially uninterested in Annalise’s bullshit because of her low blow about his daughter’s suicide. He wants her gone but Annalise knows exactly how to manipulate him (and I think he secretly wants to do whatever she asks him to do). Annalise admits to Isaac that she helps others as a way to help herself and he agrees to take a look at Laurel.

Connor is still focused on the class action and finding the face case. Asher notices that one of the candidates—a man who has been in jail for 30 years for murder—is named Nate Lahey. Coincidence or plot twist? This is HTGAWM so it could go either way but I’m interested to see if there is secret sketchy backstory to Nate.

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Michaela is frustrated not hearing back from Tegan so she goes to C&G and confronts her in the parking lot. This is, apparently, not a good idea because Tegan tells her that she’s putting them both in some serious danger. It would seem that Tegan knows a bit more about Mr. Castillo and Antares then I thought. Meanwhile, Evil Daddy is meeting with Denver, who tells him that Bonnie is becoming a problem.

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Isaac goes to evaluate Laurel and she’s very honest with him about her feelings as well as her mother’s history of mental illness. She also admits to him that she’s thought about hurting her father (and who could blame her) but that he’s basically invincible so it’s not a serious threat. Isaac is convinced that she’s normal and gets the hospital doctor to agree to release her.

Laurel goes home (i.e. to Wes’s apartment) with Annalise and Frank, who is playing bodyguard/babysitter for Laurel. He’s still got Dominic’s phone in his pocket and it rings again. For some reason—maybe a desire to be honest with her?—Annalise tells Frank to play the voicemail for Laurel. She listens to it several times until a phone call comes through. Laurel recognizes the number, and it’s not Evil Daddy. It’s Laurel’s Mom.


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