Ant-Man Wasp Teaser Trailer 8

Wasp themed Marvel Studios logo. Photo taken via screenshot of the trailer.

Everyone was wondering when we would finally get our first look at Ant-Man And The Wasp, and it’s finally here!

Needless to say: That was awesome. They seem to be having a lot of fun utilizing their ability to shrink and grow things, Wasp in action looks incredible, and the trademark humor seems intact.

Now let’s break down what we saw:

  • The trailer starts with the San Francisco skyline. We hear Scott (in the Voice Over) ask Hope if she would have joined him in Berlin had he asked. The trailer switches between shots from Captain America: Civil War and shots of Scott & Hope having the conversation in what looks like the back of their operations van (seen later). “I guess we’ll never know.”
  • Nice fanfare Marvel Studios logo (oh how I wish that yellow was present in Wasp’s suit).
  • Another skyline (not sure which), where you can see the trail of a boat in the water. Perhaps the same boat we see later in the trailer?
  • FBI Agents activating Scott’s ankle monitor for what seems to be house arrest. I guess he got off pretty easy for Civil War.
  • Scott arrives to Cassie’s house. Also seen: Cassie’s mother.
  • A shot of Hope and Hank Pym, in what seems to be distress. At the very least, they are extremely anxious about whatever they are watching.
  • Hope and Hank (in a seemingly different scene and place in the film) are surrounded by the FBI in an open field.
  • A shrinking building! This is likely the home and main base of operations, which comes in a travel size for when things get hairy. Though I feel sorry for all of their furniture.
Ant-Man Wasp Teaser Trailer 10

Their miniaturized base of operations, being wheeled by Hank Pym. Photo taken via screenshot of the trailer.

  • A mysterious shot of device/machine. Looks nearly identical to the ship we see later in the trailer, which looks to be operating on a microscopic level.
  • Hank looks out the window. Let’s face it, that’s clearly the standout shot of this trailer.
  • Hope is looking up at something, and she doesn’t seem relaxed about it. In the background you can see a purple car with flames on it, which is likely the same car glimpsed later in the trailer.
  • A shot of unidentified lab area. You can see some odd glowing lights and rays coming from a room. Take note that this area looks similar (and just as unlit) as the one that houses that mysterious ship we saw earlier.
  • We see the hand of Ghost phasing. The lights and effects look very much like what was in the last shot behind the glass, which you can see she is behind. What does this location have to do with the villainous could this be the new villain, Ghost? Possibly their place of Origin? Why is a ship probably piloted by the Ant-Man crew potentially rest in the same area? Maybe the ship isn’t theirs?
  • Our first look at Laurence Fishburne as Bill Foster! His location can’t be pinpointed, but you can see computer systems lit up behind him.
  • Ant-Man jumps, shrinks, and lands on a flying Ant! Sometimes you forget we haven’t seen the Ant part of his shtick since his solo outing.
Ant-Man Wasp Teaser Trailer 4

Ant-Man flying on an ant! Photo taken via screenshot of the trailer.

  • A gloved hand starts a fancy looking motorcycle. The glove matches the outfit of Ghost.
  • A nice white and gold Escalade, with what looks like a posse of motorcycles (the same that Ghost was riding). Not sure who the car belongs to, but it is likely a villainous party due to their association with Ghost.
  • A dark blue van turns the corner. This belongs to Ant-Man and team (they were getting into it in the earlier shot of their shrinking building).
  • Bad guys shooting at our good guys!
  • Ant mobile shrinks under a black SUV, and then grows, sending it flying. Pretty nifty trick.
  • A shot of Hope driving Scott was placed in the middle of the action. Scott is clearly on the edge of his seat. It’s hard to fully know where they are, but the first guess would be the same scene we just witnessed—and the trailer certainly wants you to believe that.
  • Ant-Man embiggens! He looks over a crowded boat. If you look closely, Sonny Burch (played by Walton Goggins) is in the crowd holding their shrunken building.
  • Very quick shot of Ghost in full costume (waist up). I think the design looks awesome, and I’m very excited for their antics.
Ant-Man Wasp Teaser Trailer 15

The villain of the film, Ghost, in full garb. Photo taken via screenshot of the trailer.

  • That purple car with flames that we saw earlier! Who could be the owner? You see them drive off as well, but in a different shot.
  • Three police officers aim at something off screen.
  • A vehicle essentially jumps down a hill. It’s hard to tell whose car is it is, but I would bet it’s the Ant Mobile.
  • A silhouetted figure running—a figure that looks a lot like Ant-Man.
  • Luis (played by Michael Pena) running to something. That same purple car is in the background, leading me to believe it belongs to Luis.
  • Scott de-masking as he and Hope share a moment, which will likely end in a kiss.
  • A vessel shrunken down vessel. It’s likely piloted by the Pym crew. It doesn’t look like they have reached the quantum realm just yet—though they may very well be on their way.
  • Cassie telling her father that he needs a partner. I concur.
Ant-Man Wasp Teaser Trailer 13

Wasp expertly maneuvering around flying knives. Photo taken via screenshot of the trailer.

  • Now we get some great shots of The Wasp battling goons in a kitchen and the lobby of a bigger building. Her move set looks fantastic, and the shots show off her wings and blasters. That knife running shot is the stand out moment of the trailer—sorry staring-out-the-window Hank Pym.
  • A great comedic bit with Scott and Hank about his lack of wings and blasters. They both seem to be watching from the back of their Ant Mobile.
  • A fantastic shot of both Ant-Man (on his ant) and The Wasp flying away.
  • Final shot of Wasp throwing an enlarged Pez dispenser at her motorcycle pursuers. As one does.

What did you guys think of the trailer? Notice anything I didn’t?  Make sure to leave your thoughts down below in the comments!

Ant-Man Wasp Teaser Trailer 14

Evangeline Lilly as The Wasp. Photo taken via screenshot of the trailer.


Ant-Man And The Wasp officially hits theaters on July 6th, 2018.