After last week’s episode, I was pretty skeptical going into “Lighthouse of the Rising Sun.” Honestly, I was mostly excited because I knew that Ralph and Patty would be making appearances and I am way too invested in seeing how Ralph’s little crush turns out. So, I was surprised when I was actually pulled into the episode and found myself really enjoying numerous moments of it.

Naturally, I was really happy to see Ralph and Patty finally get some genuine interaction, albeit forced. Ralph was absolutely adorable when he was trying to show off for Patty, and he even earned a hug by the end of the episode! And can we please appreciate Sly playing wingman for little Ralph? Suggesting Patty bring Ralph onboard with Sly’s re-election campaign was genius. I can’t wait to see Ralph and Patty interact more throughout the season.

Sly actually came in clutch a couple times during this episode. Florence’s screen time was brief, but during her first appearance Paige was extremely, and uncharacteristically, short with her. Despite defending herself to Walter, Paige was forced to realize how wrong her actions were when Sly called her a bully. Seeing Paige Dineen, the team’s EQ genius/team mom, realize that she was being a bully was legitimately one of the best moments this season.

Cabe also had a fabulous moment of character development that took a few minutes to sink in. He finally got enough courage to tell Allie that he loved her, and it was super sweet. But after the cuteness of it wore off I realized how significant it was that Cabe had opened up. Cabe spent a majority of the season suppressing his emotions and pushing everyone away, and even after he (somewhat unwillingly) opened up to the team he still kept his guard up. Now that he’s thrown the big L-word out in the open with Allie, he’s completely vulnerable. And I think he could agree that that’s not a bad thing.

But if Allie hurts this poor man in any way, I will throw the biggest hissy fit you’ve ever had the misfortune to see.

So, all of these things were great, but I think it’s safe to say that the best part of the episode was seeing Walter try to interact with kids. Seeing Walter babysit was a lot like how I imagine I am when I’m around kids, honestly – kids can be frustrating and it’s difficult to help them through situations they can’t understand, so it was understandable that Walter was having a hard time coping with being in charge of those kids for so long.

But, he eventually seemed to get the hang of it and even made a breakthrough with Meatball, which demonstrates that his character has evolved quite a bit. And the fact that he’s getting better with children seems to point toward a path of fatherhood for him. Maybe not too soon, but he’s already a father figure for Ralph, so who’s to say he couldn’t be a father to another kid, too? Waige baby, anyone?

There was a lot going on in this episode. Like, a lot a lot. As soon as the lights went out and sky turned green I was skeptical, and even more so when Walter revealed that the disturbance was caused by a solar storm. Is it just me, or do these scenarios seem to be getting more and more farfetched? At any rate, at least there was no threat of nuclear war this time. It was a fun episode overall!