Not to cause an unnecessary panic, but a writers strike is in our possible near future. On Monday, 96% of eligible members of the Writers Guild of America (WGA) voted to move forward with the strike.

The main issues the guild is fighting for are health care and a raise in minimums and script fees, mainly for writers of cable and streaming shows. Currently their rates are lower than those who write for network TV.

The strike could begin as early as May 2nd and would have an immediate impact on  late-night comedy shows, including Saturday Night Live. Of course it all depends on how long the strike lasts. The last writers strike took place in the fall of 2007 and lasted 100 days. It delayed episodes and shorten the season of many television shows. As soon as the strike starts, all writing for television shows, steaming, and film will stop. So depending on the length of the strike, it could effect premiere dates for TV shows and films.

We will keep you updated as more information is released.