Things get interesting in the latest episode of Supergirl, and honestly I haven’t shut up about it all week, so prepare for me to gush about it right now, too. Before we get into the meaty part of this episode, let’s talk about a sideline that I absolutely loved watching. Alex and Ruby. Sam is called away on a business trip, with no baby-sitter to lean on, which leaves her with Alex’s offer of watching Ruby while she’s gone – Full Disclosure: Alex is literally the BEST baby sitter. They crack a few jokes, play some trivial pursuit, and pig out on hashbrown casserole. During their fun, Maggie texts her. Unfortunately, it’s not “Hey we were both big jerks over having and not having children, let’s get back together,” but instead it’s more like “Hey, I left my passport behind, mail it to me bro.” After inquiring a bit about why Alex was looking so sad, Ruby admits that she, too, is having problems in life. A girl at her school has been cyber-bullying her, and when she shows Alex what the girl has been saying, Alex gets tells her that even though she can’t do much about her ex-fiance, they can do something about Ruby’s bully.

By “Do something,” Alex means show up at the girl’s front door (with Ruby hiding around the corner holding her crutches, because Alex is a badass who can’t be seen limping) and using her influence as an “FBI agent” to scare the kid straight. She informs the girl that cyberbullying will end her on the wrong side of the law, and Alex asks to speak to her parents. The girl panics and tells her she’ll never do it again. Once it’s all said and done, Ruby tries to get her to go to another house – sadly Alex denies her and they head out.

alex danvers loml

Alex using her government status to frighten children is my everything – Supergirl – The CW

Kara gets called into the DEO after Winn discovers a Fort Rozz prisoner named Jindah Kol Rozz – of whom the prison was named after. She has a glyph that matches Reign’s, and they quickly learn she’s a priestess that may know how to stop the WorldKiller once and for all. Unfortunately, Fort Rozz is orbiting a blue star. Which means Kara won’t have her powers, and no man can get close enough without the radiation poisoning them. Naturally, her only course of action is to bring in a team of powerful women to deal with it. Imra volunteers her time, while Kara reaches out to Livewire and Psy, two of Supergirl’s nemeses. The quartet immediately head out, walkin’ in slow-motion and looking like absolute bad-asses as they go.

Supergirl recruits livewire and Psy

There’s not a caption in the world cool enough to match up to this – Supergirl – The CW

Once they get to Fort Rozz, they immediately come across trouble in the form of an alien who wants to see Kara Zor-El pay for her incarceration. They incapacitate her pretty quickly, but not before she lands a brutal blow to Psy’s head, which leads to her losing control of her powers. Supergirl restrains her mind once more with a sort of…brain..cuff…thing, and leaves her with Imra. Fort Rozz goes off track and starts heading directly into the blue star, which pulls Imra’s ship with them and ruins the DEO communications. Psy stands around while she works on the ship, meanwhile Leslie and Kara head out to look for Jindah. They get separated, but Kara ends up in front of Jindah, who tells her what she’s doing is futile, and even though she’s a child of the light, the darkness will find her. Reign, sent on a mission to stop Supergirl by her…overlords, arrives in time to literally murder the priestess – since, for some reason, her powers don’t originate from the sun. (Yeah I don’t get it either.) When she turns on Supergirl, Leslie arrives in time to help her.


Jindah Kol Rozz – Supergirl – The CW

While Livewire and Supergirl contend with Reign, Imra manages to get back in contact with Brainiac-5 at the DEO. He tells her about the WorldKiller being on board, and Psy asks to be freed so she can help. Unfortunately, Imra has no choice, and the two have an intimate moment. Honestly, I don’t know if I just read into it, but there seemed like there could be romance budding there? I don’t know, maybe I’m just reading too far into it. Regardless, Imra stays behind to man the controls, and Psy heads into battle. At the showdown, Kara draws Reign’s attention from Leslie, but when the worldkiller tries to take out Kara with her laser-vision, Livewire takes the hit. Psy arrives just in time to hit Reign with a whammy, and her biggest fear? Losing Ruby. We get a brief glimpse of Sam, panicked and wondering who she is, before reverting back to Reign and flying off. Kara watches helplessly as Livewire tries to fight her wounds, but…much to my chagrin, they end up being fatal. With nothing further to do at Fort Rozz, the gang heads back to the DEO.

Livewire's death

In Memoriam – Supergirl – The CW


While re-grouping, Psy apologizes for the loss of Leslie, and Supergirl requests that Psy get a more plush room – one with a view.  We see a brief moment of happiness from Psy, which could potentially mean a friendship between Kara and the meta-human, and that we’ll see more of her teaming up with Supergirl later in the season. Kara goes off to brood on the DEO balcony, where Mon-El tries to reach out in an attempt to offer advice and mend fences. He does a pretty great job of it, and I like where his character development has come in. He seems a little bit more down to Earth and level-headed, which makes me like him a little more than I used to. The duo discuss Jindah’s intel – or what little she offered. Apparently there are two more WorldKillers, one known as peace, the other as pestilence. We get a brief glimpse of one’s awakening, but which one it is, I couldn’t say for sure.

WorldKiller 2.0

The next Worldkiller – Supergirl – The CW

We also get to see more of Sam and Alex interacting, though it’s not a good thing. Sam comes to pick up Ruby and confides in the agent that she never left for her business trip. Lena had called her multiple times and she missed every single one. She starts to panic, unable to remember where she’s been, though I’m sure Alex will find a way to help. What this means for Reign, we don’t know yet, but I’m hoping we can find a way to end this without jeopardizing the relationship between Sam and Ruby. With that said, tune in every Monday on The CW to catch up on the latest Supergirl!