Captain Marvel Banner Unedited Marvel

Captain Marvel in the Marvel comics universe. Photo courtesy of Marvel.

The wait is finally over! Our first look at Captain Marvel is here…well sort of.  You can see for yourself at the link down below:

Not what you expected? With her classic color scheme absent, we are presented with a bright teal coloring for the suit.  This has left many fans worried, and taken aback by the drastic departure from the source material.  Honestly though, people shouldn’t be worrying at all.

The classic suit and colors (sash and all) are all but confirmed to make an appearance at some point—something that can be gained from the concept art that came out of SDCC 2017. Putting that aside, the teal-green coloring that we do see here is very reminiscent of the Kree military uniforms, a direct correlation to her origin.  They may also be drawing inspiration from the original Mar-Vell from the Ultimate Universe.

Personally I love this suit. The teal coloring really pops, and gives the her an extremely unique look.  As for the suit itself, I think it looks fantastic.  The detailing is incredible, and it’s a near perfect translation of her outfit (sans the color and sash). What we see is probably an early suit of hers—if not her first.

Another interesting tidbit from these set photos, is that no one knows what movie this is for.  The photos were taken in Atlanta, where Avengers 4—despite the recent wrap cake—is still finishing up production, which could suggest it’s for that.  Though many people thought it was for the Captain Marvel film, which was rumored to be filming a week in Atlanta before heading to LA for the majority of its production. Is this for Captain Marvel? A scene for either of the upcoming Avengers films? Maybe even the after credits scene for Avengers: Infinity War (this is where my money is)?


What do you guys think of the costume? Make sure to leave your thoughts down below in the comments!