When “Younger” debuted, the premise was almost laughable. A 40-year old mother, recently separated from her husband AND out of the workforce for over a decade, poses as a 26-year old. It shouldn’t work. At all. But a funny thing happened during the pilot: Sutton Foster as Liza, Hilary Duff as Chelsea, Debi Mazar as Maggie and Miriam Shor as Diana brought an energy, joie de vivre and camaraderie to every scene they touched. It didn’t matter that 40-year old Liza looked 33 on a good day: Foster’s amazing screen presence brought mid-twenties vibes and it totally worked.

In season two, the comfort between all the characters was ever present. The relationship Liza cultivated with on-again/off-again boyfriend Josh (Nicole Torterella) was tested, tried and found wanting…by her. The head of her publishing company, Charles (Peter Hermann) appeared as a calming balm to Josh’s mood swings. The fact that Charles was handsome, interested in her career development and genuinely concerned for her, didn’t escape Liza’s notice.

The finale ending had everything a thirty minute show could give. Liza discovered her best friend and engaged work colleague Chelsea’s fiancé has cheated. After ordering him to come clean to Chelsea, Chad uncovers Liza’s deep secret. Threatening her with the information, he is crushed by building scaffolding…and the secret remains a secret still.

The episode ended with another cliffhanger of sorts. Liza leaves publishing and is working in a New Jersey mall when in breezes Charles. He not only gives her the best pep talk a down-in-the-dumps person needs, he gave her a most romantic of moments with a passionate and deeply felt kiss. Back in the city, back in the publishing game and seriously stuck between hot guy Josh and handsome man Charles, season 3 will be a game changer for Liza’s career, love life and social strata.

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