On Friday, March 11th, I watched Netflix’s The Adam Project with my mom, and we both had a good time. It is a Si-Fi comedy from Skydance Studios, directed by Shawn Levy, and starring Ryan Reynolds, and, in his first named role, Walker Scobell, both of whom play the older and younger version of the titular character respectively. We also have Jennifer Garner portraying Ellie Reed, Adam’s mother. Mark Ruffalo also plays a big role in the film, but I’ll leave that for you to discover for yourself.

 One thing I will reveal to you however is the fact that this movie, at least in my opinion, is hilarious, and I mean, with Reynolds starring, how could it not be?  Along with having Ryan, head writer Jonathan Tropper and his group clearly know what they’re doing. My mother and I were laughing throughout the movie, and it was mainly because of the dialogue. It was very snappy and quick, leaving many moments where we had to pause to laugh, or we’d miss more jokes. Now, this does not mean the movie was all humor. When it comes to the si-Fi, there was enough explanation where we understood what was happening, but did not try to create any technobabble to explain the mechanics of the future tech. If you’re a fan of Science Fiction, I’m sure you’ll be able to follow the explanations given.

Now I’ve heard that the special effects were good, but nothing groud-breaking. However, instead of explaining something I don’t feel qualified to go into, I’m going to talk about something that sighted viewers might not know about; Audio Description. For those who don’t know, AD is an optional audio track that adds, usually during silences or during action sequences,  explanations of what is happening on screen to blind and visually impaired viewers. AD has gotten a lot better over the years, both in the voices and writing, but I really liked this one in particular, in large part because of the writing. With action scenes many times, can; be repetitive with describing the same thing, but, in this movie, they had a lot of diverse vocabulary, and I really liked that. It kept my attention more and just made it more enjoyable to listen to. the other thing that made it more enjoyable was the reader (as most of the time AD is written and read by two different people.),  whose voice is right in the middle, where it fits both a comedy and a science fiction film, which can be hard to do, as they are very different genres. I really appreciated that. 

Altogether, this movie is a really good watch whether blind or sighted. The dialogue is great, the story is interesting, and the acting is very good, even from Walker, whom I was really impressed by, even in the trailer. If you like science fiction, comedy, Ryan Reynolds, or any of the other actors in the film, and have about two hours to kill, I recommend checking out the Adam Project on Netflix.