The Good, the Bad, and the Subhumanoid

Continuing two years after the events of Class of Nuke ‘Em High Part 2, our hero Roger Smith has become a father to a half human, half subhumanoid son. At only two years old, Adlai Smith is a full grown man who looks just like his dad. As a student at the newly rebuilt Tromaville Institute of Technology, Adlai lives his life as normal as he can with his girlfriend Trish by his side. Roger Smith, has been elected the mayor of Tromaville and the New Jersey town starts to get back to normal. As we all know by now, when normalcy settles over Tromaville, that’s when shit starts hitting the fan. Adlai begins to feel as if he’s not a complete person as if there is a huge chunk of his life missing. Not even his father can help him figure out what’s wrong.

Deep within the bowels of the nuclear plant, Professor Holt has tried to rebuild her experiments from the previous movie. She is determined to make the subhumanoids stronger with longer life spans. Even though in Part 2 her intentions were ultimately good in nature, this time she has been convinced to join the evil Dr. Slag, Ph.D. One thing you will notice about Dr. Slag, Ph.D. is that every single time Dr. Slag, Ph.D. is referred to by name, he is always called Dr. Slag, Ph.D. So maybe if they say the name Dr. Slag, Ph.D. about fifty more times we will finally remember the name Dr. Slag, Ph.D.

What horrible, evil plan has Dr. Slag, Ph.D. concocted? It turns out that Roger Smith’s wife had been pregnant with twins, Adlai and his brother Dick. Dr. Slag, Ph.D. was able to create a diversion during birth and was able to steal baby Dick Smith just as he was being born, cuts the cord and runs off while nobody was looking. Maybe Dr. Slag, Ph.D. got his Ph.D. in being a damn ninja because I can’t think how that would work in the real world. The only one who would remember there being a second child is the mother Victoria, and she dies while giving birth. So Adlai and his long lost brother Dick have lived their entire lives with this gaping void within them not knowing what once filled it. While Adlai has been raised by his father to be a man of goodness and virtue, does anyone want to take a wild shot in the dark as to how Dick was raised? If you answered “Dr. Slag, Ph.D. has turned little Dick into an evil warrior and soldier for the forces of darkness,” you would be correct.

Dick goes around Tromaville impersonating his brother, committing crimes and attacking people. Everyone thinks that it’s Adlai going around doing all sorts of horrible things, so the town comes after him. Now Adlai Smith is desperate to clear his name and figure out what is going on once and for all. There’s also the matter of the brothers each having a radioactive hand that glows when they need it to. Adlai uses his to power the nuclear reactor while it gets repaired, and then he takes Trish to bed and… well.. you’ll just have to watch and see.

A decent addition to the series, Part 3 features actor/bodybuilder Brick Bronsky playing all three Smiths, Roger, Adlai, and Dick. (And little baby Moishe at the end.) It’s pretty standard action fare with a lot of green fluids and mutations thrown in. The gang of Cretins are back and we finally see how Tromaville got rid of the giant mutant squirrel that destroyed the nuclear plant in Part 2. This was another movie that I had fun watching. Most of the humor is juvenile and the director, Eric Louzil (who wrote this script along with Lloyd Kaufman) seems to have a penchant for focusing a shot on someone’s butt while dubbing a fart noise over it. So don’t get into this movie expecting Citizen Kane. The SFX were as good as any other Troma film. Yes, those were plastic dolls they used for the birth scene. (How does a subhumanoid give birth? Through the second mouth, of course!)

This is not the end of the Nuke ‘Em High saga, not close. There’s also the Return to Nuke ‘Em High Volumes 1 and 2, the trailers of which I will be embedding after the main feature thanks to Troma for putting their movies on YouTube for us all to enjoy,

Irradiate your popcorn, here’s Class of Nuke ‘Em High Part 3 – The Good, the Bad, and the Subhumanoid.