Is Rick and Daryl slyly interacting with each other? Rick nods in agreement. Gif Credit: The Walking Dead/AMC

We will get to that shortly, this 90 minute episode had lots of talking and drama, and some non verbal communication. Negan and the Saviors told Rick he would come and visit him in a week, in typical Negan fashion they show up early. We find out they show up after 3 days time catching Alexandria by surprise. Spencer, oh Spencer, he is going to die one way or another, let’s face it. He tried to man up to Negan when they arrived asking, “who they were”, when he knew damn well who they were. Negan had to have a laugh at that, not knowing if he was serious or making a horrible joke. When Rick shows up to let them in and sees the Saviors, he and Daryl catch eyes, what you can’t see from the GIF above is Daryl blinking a lot at Rick. Some speculated that it was just Daryl adjusting to sunlight after being locked up for awhile, I would believe he had time to work that on his way over. The theory that has gained steam is that Daryl was using Morse code to give Rick some information. Nobody seems to know for sure but the most accepted theory is he is saying east. From Rick’s reaction it seems he might understand Daryl. Shortly after when Saviors are coming in you see Rick looking over towards Daryl off camera and you can guess he might be learning more information.



Michonne was seen here earlier in the episode with American Morse Code clearly in view to give you an idea that they have perhaps learned this in the past. Photo Credit: The Walking Dead/AMC

The episode was lengthy, but not a whole lot of stuff happened. Negan asked what happened to Maggie, and got nervous around Father Gabriel who was creepy. Being quite, wearing his uniform, and smiling and talking like a loony person to be honest. He had some quick thinking and told them that Maggie died, I guess he dug an open grave for a situation just like this. Some theorists say that Gabriel and Rick were using Morse Code at that time but that is a very soft theory.

Carl tried to stop some Saviors, saying they said they would take half, Negan came along to say half is what they say it is. Negan tells Rick they are going to take all the guns and ammunition, because they seem well stocked and he needs them. However the inventory seems to be missing two handguns, this leads to Negan threatening the life of the inventory taker, and in turn it turns into a trust issue between Alexandria and the Saviors.

Rick starts to plead the case that they have the guns somewhere and they will find them. Rick goes around as do some others to try to locate the guns. He said that Spencer has had guns before and to look there. Rick eventually searches Spencer’s house again, he is coming up empty until he notices a creaky floor board. He looks into a floor vent and finds the two missing handguns along with some other misc. items.

A couple other side stories saw Michonne take a rifle, as seen in the picture above, and go out on her own to practice her marksmanship. Fun fact, she is absolutely horrible with a gun. She tried to shoot a walker around 4 or 5 times and missed the walker every single time. The walker got so close she had to get off her perch and just stab it with her sword. Silver lining, her horrible shooting was able to take down a deer in the distance which turned into food for Alexandria, this is what you call a happy accident.

The other important story we saw was Dwight forced Rosita and Spencer to go out and deliver Daryl’s bike to him. They knew where it used to be and set off to get it for him. When Spencer was loading up the bike Rosita seemed very side tracked. She knew that the Saviors would be taking all the guns, as Dwight took their guns before setting them out on this search. She noticed walkers who used to be Saviors that were killed in an earlier gunfight. She tracked them down quietly to kill them in hand to hand but Spencer came up yelling out Rosita’s name like a nimrod killing her advantage. She was able to kill the walker being crafty, and was able to get one handgun but it didn’t have any bullets. Spencer didn’t quite understand why she was doing this all for a gun, but Rosita wants to fight back and knows they will need to restock up on weapons.

When they return and deliver the bike, it is around the time for the Saviors to leave, the Saviors took all the mattresses too, Dwight takes the bike and leaves. Rick turns in the two handguns to Negan and sees Michonne hiding in the house outside of the compound and asks Negan for some time alone to go and handle something. He talks to Michonne and tells her that they have to turn in this gun or someone will be killed. Michonne also wants to fight back even though Rick says this is their life now. He turns in the gun to Negan and says it was never on the record for outside hunting and Negan says that this builds trust. Rick asks for Daryl to stay but Daryl has to try to petition on why he will stay, Daryl doesn’t say anything, you can easily at first think that he has just given up but if you looks closer it does look like he is wanting to stay undercover.

Michonne come inside with the deer and Negan claims that as well, Rick tells Spencer he found his guns, and to never pull a thing like that again. Spencer says that this is all Rick’s fault and he brought them to this point and kept carrying on. Rick told him he would kill him if he tried anything or said anything like that again. Rosita got very upset with Spencer for hiding guns knowing how much trouble she went through. Michonne went back out as she felt she needed to, she found the stack of mattresses that the Saviors set on fire. They obviously didn’t need a mattress but it was just to show how much they hold over Alexandria. Rosita finds a casing from a bullet and knows what needs to happen, she goes to Eugene’s house knocks on the door, hands him the casing and asks him if he can make bullets, Rosita is ready to fight back at any means necessary!