Supergirl is back on television, and with that comes the usual drama that surrounds our favorite Kryptonian! If you need an in-depth reminder of what happened, you can check out my review of the mid-season finale, right here! The short version is, unfortunately, Reign beat the ever-loving poopie out of Supergirl, which put her and the people of National City in a world of trouble.

The episode opens up with Kara happily waking up in her bed, mostly blissfully unaware of what’s going on – until someone knocks at her door. She opens it to find none other than Brainiac-5, though he tells her most people to call him Brainy. He is LITERALLY my new favorite character, guys. He’s adorable and excited to meet Kara, and honestly just so precious. He works to help Kara find her way out of her subconscious, while simultaneously helping Alex and the gang in the real world. Reign is wreaking havoc, as per usual, but there’s one small difference: She forces Catco to make an announcement stating that anyone not trying to fight against her definition of “sin,” will be punished.


Reign makes her announcement – Supergirl – The CW

Unfortunately, that means the targeting of innocent people – so what does Alex decide to do? Provoke her, obviously. Because WHY WOULD ALEX TRY TO PRESERVE HERSELF. She and Space-Dad The Manhunter team up, gather the crew and stage a faux heist. Their end-goal is to incapacitate Reign long enough to weigh her down with Kryptonite, but it results in Alex having a broken Tibia and a not-captured Kryptonian. You could say they didn’t have a tight enough hold on…the reigns. (I’m hilarious, please love me.) For those of you who aren’t one-hundred percent sure what the Tibia is, but know it’s somewhere in your leg, it’s actually the bone that runs from your knee-cap to your ankle. Snapping it in half is…literally one of the worst things you could do to your leg.


Alex and J’onn, Criminal Masterminds – Supergirl – The CW


The gang re-assemble at the DEO, where Imra has been constantly pressing Mon-El to help the Superfriends fight Reign, but the mission they’re currently on seems to be too important. Eventually, their mission turns out to be a way to defeat an evil group known as “The Blade,” but their only record of how to destroy them is very literally written in the DNA of Brainiac-5, Mon-El, and Imra themselves. If any of them die, their weapon against this all-consuming evil will be lost forever. Imra finally convinces him by telling him that helping people is what they do – and the people in THIS timeline need their help…and so we officially meet…The Legion of Superheroes. They even give us a cheesy close-up shot of their rings.

Legion of Superheroes

Wonder Triplets Unite! – Supergirl – The CW!

While they’re trying to stop Reign from murdering every human being in a prison, Brainiac-5 gets his projection into Kara’s mind confused with the real world. She tells him to concentrate on his fight, and instead works on escaping. This particular side-story is amazing. There’s a point in time where Kara can’t get out of her own mind, and Brainy suggests that maybe fear is keeping her there. While she tries to say she isn’t scared, she uses her heat vision on the door. Her frustration is so abjectly intense that her mind essentially implodes. Things go everywhere, cups shatter, furniture flies. It’s a great moment for fans to see Kara really lose her cool, and extremely intense, and is an amazing visual embodiment of all the hardships Supergirl has had to endure for the past couple of years. It’s…good god, it’s cinematically beautiful.


Kara loses her cool – Supergirl – The CW

They have, thus far, come to the conclusion that her subconscious is trying to tell her something – she reveals an adorable anecdote about a small cat named Streaky. She’d related to him because he, too, was a stray, and so she practiced and practiced until she was able to control her powers enough to pet him. From there, her subconscious shows her the infamous Kara Danvers glasses, and when she puts them on, a key to the front door is revealed. Kara returns to reality, just in time to help the Legion inject Reign with a dose of kryptonite.

The episode ends with Alex and Kara joking and drinking wine, with Kara signing her sister’s cast. Brainy, of course, leaves the binary code on it, which is ADORABLE. Meanwhile, Reign is recuperating from the kryptonite shot, when she gets some help from an…unsurprising source. Kara’s little cultist, Thomas, decided he was going to switch sides and give Reign a little bit of an edge.

There were some great moments in this episode, from Brainy getting flustered and excited over meeting his idol, James convincing Lena that Kara was sick, which resulted in Lena visiting Kara (Read: J’onn in disguise), before telling DadKara that she and James kissed, which THEN resulted in Kara praising James and his solid relationship skills. Lena Luthor at any point during the episode. Sam and Ruby having a nerf-war through their house, because I will never stop rooting for Sam. Ever. Alex telling Kara’s unconscious form that Kara Danvers was her favorite person, and she regretted telling her to forget her humanity during the fight with Reign. And finally, J’onn making Kara sit like this:


The acting in this scene is phenomenal – Supergirl – The CW

Overall this was a great episode to introduce the second half of season three, and no one can change my mind about how freaking lovely Brainy is, I will literally fight you. Just accept him and love him, and tune in every Monday to the CW for the latest episode of Supergirl!