With the recent release of the Champions Ballad DLC, the full history of the Champions has been released. After an appropriate waiting period to avoid people getting spoiled, here we go.

10,000 Years Ago

10,000 years before the events of the game, the four Divine Beasts were created in order to combat Calamity Ganon. Built by the Sheikah clan with their advanced technology, they were instrumental in defeating the Calamity alongside the Guardians, the Princess, and the Hero.

It is unknown who piloted the Divine Beasts before the 10,000 year time skip, although based on where each Beast was buried and subsequently found, it can be assumed that each past pilot was of the same race as the current Champions. It can further be assumed that after Calamity Ganon was defeated, the four of them lived happily in the newly freed Hyrule alongside the Princess and Hero.

Champion Revali

Revali was an acclaimed archer and flyer of Rito Village. In his search for acclaim, he pushed himself to ever higher heights (pardon the pun), often injuring himself in the process. Revali’s Gale usually threw him out of its eye and onto the ground during its development, earning more than a few strained muscles.

Arrogant and prideful, Revali was sure from the very start that he’d be chosen to pilot Vah Medoh. He was outraged to be playing support for Link, but knew he had to put aside his feelings for the safety of Hyrule. He did make Zelda sweat about his acceptance for a few days as revenge, however. The day he finally accepted was the day he perfected Revali’s Gale, although he was still workshopping the name.

Revali was present for a few official ceremonies as part of being a Champion. He was obviously present for his inauguration as Champion, receiving the blue garment of his station. He was also present for Link’s knighting, expressing disdain for the pomp and circumstance and also for Link himself.

Of course, he also skipped out when it suited him. He refused to see Zelda off to the Spring of Wisdom, for instance, only showing up for her return. When Calamity Ganon awoke a short time later, he was the one to launch himself up into the sky and confirm it.

Ruffled Feathers

Although he presented himself as aloof and confident, his journal and associated Memories imply this is a front. According to these records, it’s likely that his self worth is heavily reliant on others’ approval of him. This desire to prove himself may be the real reason he was outraged at being delegated to a support role. To Revali, Link was just being handed everything with no effort being put in on his part.

It is only after his death and 100 year imprisonment inside of Vah Medoh that he acknowledges Link’s skill. As ordered by Daruk, he flew back to Medoh in order to prepare for battle. Unfortunately, he is ultimately slain by Windblight Ganon, who takes control of Medoh. Expressing disdain towards Link as he guides the Hylian, he admits that perhaps Link’s skill isn’t just illusion once Windblight has been defeated. As proof of this, he gifts Link with Revali’s Gale to assist him in his journey.

Champion Mipha

Mipha was the beloved Princess of the Zora people, older sister of Prince Sidon. She possessed the unique ability to magically heal wounds, and used her Lightscale Spear to expertly battle monsters. She gladly became Ruta’s pilot to assist Link in his task after seeing his drawing the Master Sword change him. However, she only did so after charging her younger brother with protecting Zora’s Domain should she fail.

She first met Link when he was just four years old. Even back then he was a masterful swordsman, easily besting adults with far more experience than him. Her Zora lifespan allowed her to watch him mature and grow up, falling in love with him in the process.
A small while later, she joined Link and the other Champions at the castle to be inaugurated as a Champion. She received a blue tunic, mirroring the blue of the other Champions and the Princess, and the blessing of the King.

An Engagement Gift

In Breath of the Wild, it has long been a tradition for Zora princesses to create a set of armor and present it to the one they wish to marry. Long before the game’s events, a Zora queen made armor for her husband who was going into war. The scale she wove into the armor reflected the sun into the Lizalfos general’s eyes, allowing the king to win the battle. Known as the “Miracle of the White Scale”, a scale only female Zora possess, it’s been a tradition ever since.

Unfortunately, she never got the opportunity to present the armor to Link; Waterblight Ganon killed her and trapped her spirit inside Ruta. 100 years later, she guides Link through Ruta and the fight with Waterblight, and her spirit is freed. She gifts Link with her healing power, Mipha’s Grace, and later her assistance in the final battle.

Champion Daruk

Daruk was a great Goron warrior, hefting his Boulder Breaker easily with one hand. Asked to be Rudania’s pilot by Princess Zelda, he accepted with gusto. Mere moments later, a band of monsters forced him into battle, placing himself between them and Zelda. When the dust settled, it was shown they were attempting to kill and eat a dog.
It turns out, Daruk is afraid of dogs. He used to have dreams of being chased around by them, and is nervous at the prospect of Calamity Ganon being a monstrous dog.

Daruk first met Link when joining him to beat back the monsters on Death Mountain, which were increasing in number because of Calamity Ganon’s returning presence. Much to his amazement, Link defeated the horde single-handed, and even prevented an errant monster from killing the Goron. Mirroring Darunia and the Hero of Time, Daruk became Link’s sworn brother, bonding over their love for food and respecting Link’s courage and strength.

A small while later, he joined Link and the other Champions at the castle to be inaugurated as a Champion. He received a blue tunic, mirroring the blue of the other Champions and the Princess, and the blessing of the King. He then left to train with Rudania.


At first, he had trouble controlling Rudania. It was thanks to Link giving him the idea to explore Rudania that he was able to finally master the machine and become a true Champion.

He was overtly the most excited to go into battle and make a difference to Hyrule. He was the one to order the Champions back to their Beasts when Calamity Ganon finally arose. Unfortunately, his zeal didn’t protect him; Fireblight Ganon killed him and trapped his spirit inside Rudania. 100 years later, he guides Link through Rudania and through the fight with the Fireblight, and his spirit is freed.

He gifts Link with his magic barrier, Daruk’s Protection, and later with his assistance in the final battle. He fires Rudania’s laser at Hyrule Castle in concert with the other Beasts, his descendant Yunobo watching in awe.

Champion Urbosa

Urbosa was the Cheiftain of the Gerudo before Link’s 100 year sleep, and was great friend’s with Princess Zelda’s mother. It was this friendship, and the friendship she struck up with the Princess upon her mother’s death, that led her to immediately volunteer to pilot Vah Naboris.

It is unclear how Urbosa’s first meeting with Link went. However, we see that her relationship with both him and Zelda consists mostly of good-natured teasing. Evenly interspersed with that is a motherly concern, and it is clear that she sees herself as a kind of guardian for Zelda. The absent and harsh nature of Zelda’s father supports this.

According to Zelda’s notes, Urbosa was able to master Vah Naboris easily. Given the Memory shown by the DLC, this could be due to her ability to call on lightning even before becoming its pilot. This trait of previous magical experience is likewise shared by the other three Champions.

This Time, It’s Personal

Urbosa nursed a personal grudge against Calamity Ganon due to him being a Gerudo in a past life. This is the most obvious reference to Ocarina of Time in the game, seeing as that is the only point in the timeline that Ganondorf was a Gerudo. Any other time, he was simply referred to as a demon. She further states that she deeply respects the Gerudo hero Nabooru, also from Ocarina of Time, who overthrew Ganondorf.

She sees her piloting Vah Naboris as a statement that the Gerudo no longer support nor condone Ganon’s evil. Upon firing Naboris’s laser at Hyrule Castle, she expresses pleasure at helping correct Ganon’s crimes.

Despite her prowess in battle, Thunderblight Ganon steals both her life and her Divine Beast. 100 years later, Link defeats Thunderblight and frees her; she rewards him with the use of Urbosa’s Fury.