The 100 513 1

Lola Flanery as Madi (left) and Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia (right). Photo courtesy of KSiteTV.

**This article contains spoilers for “Damocles Part Two” and events that happened in prior episodes.**

“One Garden. Two serpents. Eden never stood a chance.”

The 100 always knows how to finish off a season. Honestly their finale’s tend to be some of the most stressful episodes of television one could watch, and that continues with season five.

By the end of the hour there was so much to digest.  I mean those last ten minutes in general were quite the sad, bittersweet shock. The show cleverly forgot to mention Monty and Harper’s decision as we watched everyone go into cryosleep—while they did not. So it was genuinely shocking to meet their son. Then you have their video messages, which were extremely moving. Especially watching Clarke and Bellamy see their lives fly by, and learn about the 125 years that they missed. While it was rather sudden, I do believe their send off was great, and did justice to both characters and their relationship. After all of this season, it’s only fitting that Monty and Harper were the people the find the solution to the biggest problem that everyone slept through.

Not only did the show decide the jump 125 years into the future, but some how the creatives behind the show have found yet another extremely intriguing way to uproot the entire show. With Earth forever lost, the idea of or cast having to explore a new planet is an exciting one—and is also a great payoff to the Eligius 3 mission that was teased. Also if that last shot (and some scenes prior) is trying to indicate anything, things might not be looking up for Bellamy and Echo.

The 100 513 2

Adina Porter as Indra. Photo courtesy of KSiteTV.

I mean Bellamy wasn’t even given a scene saying goodbye to Echo as everyone went to sleep. Instead, a lot of the focus was placed on repairing his relations with both Clarke and his sister. As for his standing with Clarke, Madi helped wake him up to how she feels about him (and all of those unanswered messages). With that final shot of Clarke and Bellamy, could the show finally be aiming to form a romantic relationship between the two? On a different note, Bellamy holding his ground and waiting for Monty, Emori, and Murphy was a fantastic finale beat for him. Had he not done that, they would be epically screwed in space with no resources.

Now I guess I was wrong. There was an ending for Octavia other than death—even if (as I mentioned in the last review) it came a little quick and easy. She had three stand out scenes in the finale, each resonating with emotional force. For one, she bowed down to Madi (not that I was surprised). Second was the scene between Diyoza and her. I’m a sucker for rivalries having calm moments together, so this scene certainly scratched that itch. The third, and probably the best, was her and Bellamy coming to terms with their complicated emotions towards each other—a scene that also helped me understand where the both of them stand.

Madi got her time to shine as well. With Octavia officially relinquishing her power, Madi is now the true Commander. Needless to say, she’s off to a great start. Not only did she get everyone through the gorge safely, but she also did the right thing and spared the Eligius people (thanks to Bellamy of course). It’s easy to say she could become the best commander yet. However, will life on a different planet create roadblocks in her leadership? Either way Lola Flanery is fantastic as Madi, and I’m looking forward to what life will be like for her 125 years later.

The 100 513 3

Jarod Joseph as Miller. Photo courtesy of KSiteTV.

As for our true villain this season—not that I’m letting Octavia completely off the hook—the mad man that was McCreary was brutally killed by Clarke. Rightly so—I mean the man made the entire planet of Earth unlivable out of spite. It was a very satisfying moment to finally see everyone band together and defeat him, and then work with each other to avoid the fate that he launched their way. The complex relationships that we were thrown in the middle of during the season premiere really helped everything pay off in the end.

It’s hard to hit everything that this finale did well, but I think I’ve included the most important parts. The 100’s fifth season continues the trend of the show’s excellent finales, and some how successfully uprooted and reinvented the show once again. While it was sad to see Monty and Harper get their send off, Kane’s life still remains in the balance, while everyone else onboard awaits their awakening. Needless to say, I’m super pumped to see where the story can go from here.

Bonus Notes:

  • If we get to go to another planet, what do you think are the odds that the show may introduce alien species?
  • The ending of Book One? Not sure what that means or eludes to.
  • “It’s hard to kill a cockroach.”
  • Another Octavia scene that was fantastic was her confrontation with Abbey.