Maggie, Nancy, and Emily are all drinking at Emily’s house when Harriet walks in telling them to keep it down. Maggie goads her by saying she’s going back to her Will, and Harriet just stands there looking stupid. I wonder if she truly cared for Will or if she was trying to get back at her for sleeping with her husband. But that was before Harriet’s time so it makes me wonder what Harriet’s true motives are against Maggie. Back at Greek Street, Mrs. Scanwell is grooming Amelia for Hunt, to be his wife. Fanny and Maggie have it out and allows Fanny to keep baby Kitty. Fanny asks about the button and Maggie doesn’t have the heart to tell her that they have been duped by Quigley because she’s sleeping with the Lord Chief Justice. Maggie them makes up with Will and he is finally home. In the end, she is who he really loves.

Back at Golden Square, Quigley is back on track and up to her old tricks. Quigley states she needs to find a virgin to sacrifice at the grand reopening of Golden Square and Charlotte tags along. But Quigley wonders if she can handle and so she calls her bluff. But as we know Quigley she isn’t done and thanks to Cherry’s information she sends two ruffians to Emily and Charles’ house to tear it up. Charles can’t do a thing of course and Harriet has sent him to get North. Unfortunately, North isn’t there and the soldier runs to their rescue. They catch one of the men and question him after some interesting torture. Charles is there to hear that his mother is after him, much to his shock.

Lucy is falling deeper into Lord Fallon’s trap. She doesn’t seem in control, clearly not heeding the advice Nancy gave her. And Charlotte is trying to recruit young women on the pretense of being a maid for Quigley. Not knowing the real sinister reason that she wants the girls and Charlotte already can’t handle it.