American Horror Story 1984 made us laugh, cry, dry heave, and so much more. This season was filled with more twists and turns than I can even count. With this season being one of the shortest yet, only nine episodes in total, I expected a big reveal. However, what I got was a bedside table full of tissues and chocolate wrappers. It is here where I’ll recount the grand finale of AHS 1984, and if you haven’t watched it yet, this article is full of spoilers.

Camp Redwood Stage

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“Final Girl” began in 2019 at the site of Camp Redwood. We followed the path of a young man as he traversed a barren, decimated festival ground. There were relatively intact Camp Redwood Food and Music Fest signs and even a stage. It had appeared that something significant happened here in the 80s; however, as the man began taking pictures with his smartphone Montana appeared. After some prying, the man told her it’s 2019, and he was there to find out what happened to his father, Jon, AKA Mr. Jingles. Montana gave him a big hug and rushed him to the counselors’ cabin.

Trevor joined the pair, finally back to clothes that suit him, and they inform young Bobby that Jon died, and no one has seen him since that freaky water zombie pulled him underwater. Bobby was in a state of disbelief at the idea that he was speaking to ghosts, so Montana and Trevor killed themselves only to return a few moments later. The pair then began to tell the tale of the third and final Camp Redwood murder spree.

Brooke and Trevor

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Back on Halloween night just hours before the festival was to begin, Trevor heard from Courtney that Margaret planned on murdering all the headliners. To stop the impending massacre, Trevor blocked the road to camp and started shooing people away. Margaret got wind of this, shot Courtney, and confronted her husband. Just as Trevor proclaimed his love for Montana, Margaret shot him in the pelvic area right outside the property line. Montana apparated near the camp’s entrance and begged Trevor to crawl to her, but he was too injured. As the two prepared to say their goodbyes, Brooke appeared and helped Trevor make it to the love of his life. Brooke’s act of kindness transformed Montana, and she knew they all had to work together to kill the real monsters.

Getting rid of Bruce was easy, Trevor snuck up on him, murdered him, and pushed his body over the property line. To kill the Nightstalker was no easy feat because he is still imbued with the power of Satan. Montana convinced him to sneak off into a cabin, and all the ghosts pounced on him. For the last 30 years, all the spirits have taken murder shifts to keep the Nightstalker away from Bobby. Upon hearing this, Bobby was still motivated to meet his father no matter what Trevor and Montana said.


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Meanwhile, Chet and Bertie were on Nightstalker duty when they decided to have a little fun. Amid their game, the Nightstalker awoke and leaped from his prison and made his way to the counselor’s cabin. He ran into the room, determined to kill Bobby, but the ghosts pulled them apart and, once again, destroyed the Nightstalker. During the battle, Montana told Bobby to go to the asylum for more information. It was here that he met Donna and found out his father was an innocent man, framed by the deceased Margaret.

Blasting back to the past, Margaret was setting up for the festival when a few ghosts surrounded her cabin. Donna went charging in, slicing Margaret’s arm. Brooke came to Donna’s aid but during her struggle with Margaret, was shot. To avenge the deaths of those still at Camp Redwood, they murdered Margaret and shot her body parts through a wood chipper. After the heartfelt story, Bobby thanked Donna for sending him money over the years; however, Donna never sent him any money. It turns out, Donna wasn’t the final girl.

Donna and Bobby went to track down the mysterious donner and end up at Brooke’s home. She married a dermatologist and had two sons. Brooke attempted to contact Donna, but fear got the best of her. Brooke explained that she wanted Bobby to have a good life away from Camp Redwood. She then told her heralding escape. After she was shot, Ray helped clean her up, gave her a kiss, and carried her to the camp’s entrance. As the hobbled her way to safety, she blacked out, awakening in a hospital. Bobby decided that all their warnings weren’t a reason to stay away from Camp Redwood and set off to meet his father.

Bobby and Family

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Upon arrival, Bobby ran into Margaret, who is even crazier now. She attempted to stab Bobby but was cut down first by Jon. The two hugs, and as Jon was telling Bobby to leave, Margaret came back and stabbed him. Bobby took off, running towards the edge of camp when suddenly he ran into the lady in white. She stared at her grandbaby and allowed him to pass as the other ghosts took care of Margaret. Before Bobby could leave, Montana asked that he tell his children about them so the 80’s can live on forever. As Bobby crossed the threshold of the camp, his father, grandmother, and uncle saw him off.

Just writing this, I needed a couple of tissues! This season was intense, but that ending was so emotional. There seem to be no loose ends except for the zombie in the water?! It was so strange, and yet, it seems to have little importance in their tale! Overall, I adored this season and hope to find our beloved cast in another one next year. Are there any questions the season left you with? Drop them down in the comments below!