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The December 2017 Loot Crate Was a Win!

If you open a December 2017 Loot Crate in January 2018, does that make it a time capsule? Maybe. Maybe not. But it’s still going to be full of some awesome swag, so who cares? The December crate had a fun space theme that coincided with the theatrical release of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” and I’m happy to say I was pleased with the contents! Here’s what I got:

Exclusive Star Wars Adventures Graphic Novel


Photo Credit: Natalie Griffin, The Game of Nerds


I am pumped to read this, especially after seeing “The Last Jedi!” There’s nothing more relaxing than starting a weekend morning with a cup of coffee and a comic book. I’m just glad I get to keep riding out that Star Wars high!

Loot Crate Edition Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Mini Wall Calendar


I absolutely adore that we’re starting the year with such an intense pose. Just like Rocket, 2018 is a year to kick ass and run your mouth.

Exclusive Retro Rocket Metal Pin


Photo Credit: Natalie Griffin, The Game of Nerds


This little rocket ship is adorable and will make the perfect addition to my backpack!

Mystery Loot Drop: Fallout 4 AER9 Laser Rifle Model


This was hands down the coolest item in the box. It may be small, but you can’t deny that it’s awesome to have a little laser rifle sitting on your shelf all day. Who knows, maybe I’ll even take it to work and put it on my desk. It makes me feel cool!

Exclusive Destiny 2 T-Shirt


Photo Credit: Natalie Griffin, The Game of Nerds


Last, but not least, a bitchin’ Destiny 2 T-shirt. It’s soft, it’s cozy, it’s black and I’ll wear it every week. No one can stop me.

Overall, I think I’m pretty satisfied with this box. But I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to see the next crate! The Loot Crate theme for January 2017 is “Rick and Morty,” so prepare for some merch of squanchin’ proportions and check back in a couple weeks to see what TGON gets! Wubbalubbadubub!

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