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The more I watch this show, the weirder it gets. That was my first thought as the episode rolls on. Welcome back, peoples from the interwebs. This week, we review episode five of Happy! We start off with Nick and Merry, with Nick realizing Merry isn’t as clean as she once was, and knocking her out.  It is then we see what Blue meant when he said clean-up duty – he is pouring some sort of liquid all over the building, wearing a mask. My guess is gas, but cannot prove it. He comes across Merry knocked out, and draws whiskers on her face. Later, we come across her, passed out, spreadeagled. It turns out she is on her father’s grave. Smoothie is a sick man. I love him so much.

The kids are transported somewhere new. Junior tries to pull Hailey away, saying she is good. With how ugly this show is, I have a horrible feeling about what will happen in this room. The lights rise, and we realize it is some sort of school or classroom. Or the set of a classroom, as the lights are artificial. The situation becomes weirder as the teacher shows up – Smoothie. He plays a video, a voiceover of sorts, as he eats an ear of corn. Hailey raises her hand, and Smoothie walks up to her with a mouse. He then crushes the mouse on her desk.

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Nick and Amanda meet up, because Happy thinks it will end well. It doesn’t. Amanda believes Merry told Sax Hailey is his. Sax is just trying to make amends for his past mistakes. The guy’s crashing through the door and windows are not helping his case. Like always, he kicks butt and takes names, but Amanda shows she is not shy, taking out one person. Of course, Amanda sends Nick away, after the fighting ends up wrecking Hailey’s room. Happy seems a bit out of it, shedding a little as they walk away.

Merry returns to the station after waking up, and meets with the internal affair ladies. They are quite rude, and imply that Merry is not doing her duty. Merry responds if she doesn’t back off, will they plant evidence like they did with with Sax. After a bit more back and forth, Merry realizes that Blue has something to do with the missing children, so she has to back off. Seriously cannot wait until Blue realizes he has Sax’s daughter. That will be the real game changer. We do learn that Merry’s father, Keith, was also an officer, one who died in the line of duty.

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The episode wraps up with everyone beginning to realize this is all connected. Merry tells Amanda to back off from the investigation, there is nothing more she can do. Amanda’s rebuttal is that she hasn’t done anything, and is just running away like a coward. Happy is getting more depressed, and ends up leaving Nick on some train tracks, poofing away, I really hope he is okay. And Sax realizes he has met Junior, the crazy Christmas man, before. Blue had a job he wanted them to do, but Sax refused before even hearing about the job. Makes you wonder what it was. I love this series, and cannot wait til each episode comes out. Each story line is connected, so you actually want to know what each pawn is doing on the board. Until next week, stay shiny!

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