Netflix has finally announced a premiere date for the second season of One Day At A Time, the original series they debuted last year which is a re-imagining of Norman Lear’s classic sitcom.

For the date announcement, they recreated the opening theme to the original series frame by frame & it is adorable. I will tell you, in case you don’t feel like watching it right now, that the second season drops in it’s entirety on January 26th!

That’s right! January 26th! I bet you were expecting some far off date but Netflix blessed our 2018 by starting it on the right foot.

In case you still haven’t seen the first season, because you make poor television choices, or because you’re busy, let me paint you a word picture.

ODAAT is about a Cuban-American family, headed by Single-Mom-Army-Vet Matriarch Justina Machado. She lives with her 2 kids Alex & Elena and her mother, the original GOAT, RITA MORENO. The show follows them on their daily lives, showing the uniqueness and universality of their experience all at once.

Head on over to Netflix to binge the first season, then watch the new trailer below and get excited because Jan 26th will be hear in a flash.