A new Masters of the Universe show recently dropped on Netflix this past weekend. Kicking things off was the Netflix Geeked: Masters of the Universe: Revelation panel. While the first five episodes are already out, there are still some great moments in his pane. There’s even one intriguing, if spoilery, moment.

Writer and producer Kevin Smith hosted the panel, and he brought tons of energy to things. He was joined by a handful of voice actors from the show, too: Chris Wood as He-Man/Prince Adam; Sarah Michelle Geller as Teela; Tiffany Smith as Lieutenant Andra; and finally, Rony Todd as Scareglow.

Throughout the panel, each participant expressed how excited they were to be a part of the project. In addition, there was lots of teasing that there are some great surprises in store and a more adult-oriented tale in store for fans.

We also got to see some cool sneak peeks, such as the opening sequence of the series:

According to Kevin, magic is in short supply during the events of the show, and this has certainly impacted characters. For example, Triclops has become the priest of a religion that focuses on mastering technology rather than magic.

Geller also expressed her excitement for the series and mentioned that she never really got into MOTU as a child. However, she felt that Revelations would have many characters that audiences of all kinds will be able to identify with and love.

Kevin also praised Geller’s vocal performance as Andra, a newcomer to the more magical secrets of Eternia that still exist. She apparently has a “fangirl voice” that works well for Andra when she’s in awe of such magic.

The show is set up as a “spiritual sequel” – though Kevin never really mentioned what he meant by that. I’m assuming he meant “spiritual successor,” but I found the term odd to use. Isn’t that usually reserved for works that aren’t part of the same franchise but feel like another work? So, for example, Perfect Dark is a spiritual successor to Goldeneye because it feels and plays as if it’s a sequel to Goldeneye, but it’s in its own universe.

Anyway, Kevin assured viewers that Revelations would be something fans love. The overall director, Netflix’s own Teddy Biaselli, is apparently a huge MOTU fan, and Kevin was confident that Biaselli’s direction would make Revelations something fans would enjoy.

Later in the panel, Wood would second that notion, saying that the show’s an essential love letter to fans that’s packed with nostalgia.

Kevin also elaborated on the story itself – he said that it’s definitely a “He-Man story,” but Teela would be a major feature. In fact, he said it would be a “Teela-Centric” tale, and after reading some early reviews of Revelations, I can certainly see what he means. Geller then chimed in, giving her own praise for the direction things were going.

We were also treated to one final peek before the end of the panel: a look at a terrifying new figure and the process that went into designing it. I don’t want to say what the figure is, as it’s pretty spoileriffic. But it’s a pretty cool spoiler, so it evens out, I suppose?

If you want to know more, check out the “spoiler” section at the end.

It’s also got me asking various why and how questions – in a good way! – that makes me want to wait to see what else happens in this series. After all, we’re only a few episodes in – anything can happen!

Masters of the Universe: Revelation is currently streaming on Netflix – the first five episodes are up now, so you can check it out and see what all the commotion is about!

Just watch out for any of Skeletor’s antics – he’s even voice by Mark Hamill, so you know he’ll have some kind of punchline up his sleeve.


Skeletor apparently gets his bony fingers on the Power Sword. And with it, he becomes the terrifying Skelegod. We even got to hear him say He-Man’s transformation phrase!

This has me really interested in how things will turn out. How does Skeletor get the sword? What happened to He-Man? And how will Teela manage to do battle with a superpowered Skeletor?

We’ll have to watch and find out!