Source: CW iZombie

iZombie has blended dark humor and horror elements and this episode is a perfect example of that.  We got an opening which was a nice love letter to classic 90′s horror film which also set up the tone for this episode.

I also felt that this case will be more important in next week’s episode since they dragged it out and it wasn’t solved in the usual iZombie fashion. However the gem of this episode was Liv confessing her zombie condition to her sister and seeing Major taking the final step in going full on Rambo on Blaine’s “Zombie Empire”. I felt those moments showed how far these characters have come this season.

The main villain for this episode was handle very well and I was surprised they killed him off. I thought he was being groomed to be season two’s baddie. However it seems that Max Ranger might fill in that spot, but I would love to see more of these zombie on zombie fights.

This episode had a darker ending than usual and sets up for showdown that will effect the lives of all our characters. They have have hit a low point which seems to only get worse with Major being in the hands of Blaine and Liv’s brother soon to be joining Major.