It’s almost like Tom King wakes up every single morning and figures out a way to further humanize the DC Universe through real world issues. This past week at the DC in D.C. Convention, King was finally able to shed some light on the “secret project” he tweeted about back in September, which had rumors circulating that it was a collaboration with artist Jason Fabok who released a similar image of his own the same day.

The initiative is being called Sanctuary for now but we’re still unsure if that’s just a working title or not but what we do know is this initiative will be a place where heroes can go and receive emotional support to help process the violence they deal with on a regular basis. King’s main focus on this initiative will be to show that the everyday trauma a hero goes through has a profound effect on them and could potentially lead to danger if not treated. The entire initiative is modeled after veterans crisis centers. The word crisis holds some weight with DC readers so this could potentially be a larger event down the road and only time will tell. The idea seems like something right up King’s alley so I for one am very excited to see what he’ll do with this idea.

batman psych.jpg

It’s been said that it could potentially stretch across the entire DC Universe, so while we all can expect to see the Trinity in this, we could potentially see appearances from the Green Lanterns and even the Watchmen.  The possibilities are endless with this and I know King will want to take any and all chances to pull out some obscure characters for this.

We’re still waiting on more concrete information but we’re hoping that we should have more as the convention season approaches!