Entertainment Weekly was able to get some exclusive first look pictures of, Lennie James who plays Morgan, on set of Fear The Walking Dead Season 4.

Not much has been announced up to this point on the exact path Morgan takes from The Walking Dead to Fear the Walking Dead, and potentially back again to the original. The pictures however don’t necessarily change anything in my mind. My thinking is that his path is more of a backstory of Morgan’s character from Season 1 when he left to season 6 when he joined full time with the cast. We also have to factor in somewhere he made it back to the Georgia area in season 3. I have a hard time thinking that this is the current Morgan character from the Walking Dead season 8, who just kept walking after leaving Jesus and all the Saviors. That would have to be an epic time jump for the Fear the Walking Dead to jump up to the current timeline.


Morgan is hiding from someone, or somethings in Fear the Walking Dead. Original Photo Credit: Richard Foreman/ AMC Photo Credit: Entertainment Weekly

The photo above shows Morgan in similar gear to what we saw him wear in season 1 of The Walking Dead. We don’t see Duane with him, and I wouldn’t expect it, as he previously mentioned his wife in walker form killed Duane. But he has a sharpened stick, from searching a number of pictures it seems Morgan has had a number of variations of his staff. It seems it was always his weapon of choice. I think this is early in the series where he hasn’t met Eastman yet. Morgan’s stance look good, weapon looks clean, he seems alert, I wouldn’t think this is during his “Clear” stage either. Is this before or after his season 3 appearance, I can’t tell.


Morgan, wearing gear more like his current style. Original Photo Credit: Richard Foreman/AMC Photo from: Entertainment Weekly

This photo shows Morgan in something a little more like his current season 8 style. His clothes have a rip, his backpack looks shockingly in new condition. However the vehicle looks very dirty and the walker inside appears to be dead for awhile, but not extreme decay. I still think this is early on in the series. Morgan is sporting a staff again, it could be the angle of the first photo, but this staff looks lighter in color to the previous. Does that mean a time jump after Eastman? Or perhaps the other one just simply broke and he made a new one? Time will tell.

Along with the photos of Morgan on set, some new characters were revealed. More info will be coming shortly, but Morgan is going to be meeting, Maggie Grace, formerly of the show Lost, who is going to be playing ‘Althea’, early information is she has unique qualifications to survive in the Apocalypse because of who she was before.

Jenna Elfman, from Dharma and Greg fame, will be playing Naomi. A direct quote from co-show runner Andrew Chambliss reads, “Naomi’s a capable survivor living on her own…she’ll have her guard up as she meets Madison and her family…”

Lastly, Garret Dillahunt joins the show, formerly from Deadwood, plays John, he is described as a man of “fascinating contradictions.” Which is a description I won’t go much into because it’s nice to keep an open mind about someone like this.

I do think it’s interesting that Fear the Walking Dead is investing in some recognizable faces for the show for Season 4, both in the Walking Dead universe with the Morgan character, but actors and actresses from other shows. I wonder if any of them will be picked up longer term.

The fourth season will be interesting, I’m curious to see what happens to Morgan, and if he is killed from the Walking Dead before Fear even airs. I’m curious of the natural progression of the show, if and how far they might time jump.

Fear the Walking Dead hasn’t set an official return date, but it’s expected to be in June, and start, AFTER season 8 finishes on the Walking Dead. We might get another Morgan sighting on the flagship show before we see him on Fear. We might know for sure we are seeing a journey of a dead man. Whatever the case I do respect Lennie James as an actor for wanting to expand the beloved character for all to see.