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Good day, all my lovely visitors. I hope your day is going well, and your winter break has been wonderful. As the new year begins, we also get to see our favorite shows return from their own winter breaks! Ghosted returns to FOX, Sunday nights at 8:30, 7:30 central time. It looks to have a few more episodes left, with this one being the 10th episode in its first season. I do hope we get a second season, but the series is going up against some serious competition.

To remind you, Ghosted follows our two lovely people, Leroy the ex-cop, and Max the ex-teacher from Harvard. Both have been pulled into the worlds of the paranormal, which Max believes and Leroy is quite skeptical of. They face off against different events and monsters, and slowly bond along the way. It seems Leroy blames himself for getting his partner killed, while Max’s wife was kidnapped by aliens. We got a chance to meet her briefly before she ran off again.

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The promo is short, only 15 seconds, revealing a scary new monster, and the boys standing outside a door, ears pressed against it. The comedy pops up since the noise is most likely Leroy’s stomach. I’m super excited to see how the boys will grow on the tail end of this season, and if we get to meet Max’s wife again. There are still a few questions to answer, but we only can sit and wait. So, I guess this is tata for now, and see you after the next episode airs. Have a great day, and stay shiny!