Hey guys welcome back to another addition of Overwatch Tips! Today we’ll be learning about how to fully utilize Hanzo and his kit. With the right skill set and instinct, Hanzo is just as good for DPS than the other attackers in Overwatch.


Sometimes it can be hard aiming with Hanzo being that he is a sniper with no scope. But another reason why it can be difficult is that Hanzo’s arrows fall off once it hits a certain distance. I suggest try practicing and see when that fall off happens and if you can compensate for it. If you get that down, the large hitbox Overwatch gives you with arrows will surely clear you a path to victory.

Scatter Arrow

This is one of Hanzo’s deadliest abilities in his kit. Being able to fire one arrow that breaks off into multiple arrows does come in handy, but still takes some precision. In confined spaces, it becomes very easy to hit targets as the random arrows will keep bouncing and chances are the enemy team will sustain damage. Also shooting it at the floor to an enemy right in front of you will make it so the arrow will break off into multiple arrows, and the spread won’t be to spaced out.

Below is a representation of how Scatter Arrow bounces after it breaks off.

Sonic Arrow

This is where the team aspect comes in. If used correctly and at the right time, sonic arrow will benefit everyone on your team. Using it to get a good idea where the team is so your team can pair ultimates easier. But if you’re kind of selfish and are wanting all those juicy elims to yourself, you can use the sonic arrow to line up shots from around the corner.


Dragonstrike can melt all the heroes within seconds, but due to its inaccuracy and Hanzo blatantly screaming when it happens, it makes to be a lackluster ultimate. But you just have to be smarter than the enemy team. Of course pairing with Zarya and Reinhardt will make it very easy, without them you can still create some havoc. Popping ult at close range where you are undetected will make it so the enemy team doesn’t know where it’s coming from. Also like Scatter Arrow, small confined spaces will trap the enemy team to face the wrath. Another advanced tip is when you first hit the ultimate button, you have a short amount of time where you can still aim. Knowing that, if you look one direction, use your ultimate, then aim at where you really wanting it to go, it will make the ultimate even more unpredictable!

Hanzo is another of those characters with a really high skill ceiling, and it’s pretty much a joke to play him normally. But you can see the likes of Twitch streamer AimbotCalvin using Hanzo to his full capabilities. With that much skill and practice, the kill feed will speak for itself. Good luck in becoming the greatest Hanzo Mains of all time.