In case you’ve been living under a rock: San Diego Comic Con has come and gone. And on Saturday there was a Gotham panel featuring many actors with reappearing roles in Gotham and the producers of the show. Here are some hints they gave us for the upcoming season:

  • The beginning of season three will begin six months after what happened in Indian Hill in season two’s finale episode.
  • Jim is now a bounty hunter looking for the escaped people(creatures) that escaped out of Indian Hill.

  • They are building a place that needs Batman as a masked vigilante. Gotham continues to spiral out of what Jim Gordon and the GCPD can control. It’s going into the ooze, going into the dirt, into a place where that chaos creates the need for the best superhero in the known universe.


  • The relationship between the new Poison Ivy (Maggie Geha)and Selena isn’t something that will go smoothly.

  • Sometime Nygma will get out of Arkham without any ties towards the GCPD

  • Nygma and Penguin will be working together some more, especially since Oswald can’t call Gordon his friend anymore and he needs people to trust again.

  • Barbara and Tabitha now own a nightclub called Sirens. Also Butch will be still hanging out with them.

  • Lee might have a new lover. But the chances of her getting back with Jim aren’t over yet.

  • Bruce will be kicking a lot of ass this season. But there’s a long way to go to see why he makes his decisions and how he makes them before we get to that moment.

  • The thing that they really want to make clear going into Season 3 is that Bruce and his double-ganger are two different people, but for some reason, they look exactly the same, have the same kind of mannerisms, and are basically almost the same person. But they’re not.

  • Another iconic figure from comic book lore, however, has not yet graced the Fox drama – and may not for some time. “We have not seen someone yet [from the current cast of characters] who can become Ra’s al Ghul,” producer John Stephens admitted. “It’s a big step if we ever took it. It’s a big maybe.”

As for returning characters, the executive producers left the door open for Jerome (Cameron Monaghan) to return despite his season-two death. “As we’ve seen in Gotham, death is not really a barrier.


Click here some highlights from the previous season and a sneak peak of the new season. The new season airs September 19th!