Halloween is starting early on Arrow. Photo Credit: Arrow/CW


This season of Arrow, if it continues how it started, is going to be a good season that goes back to it’s interesting roots, action, multiple villains, a good time. Arrow is fighting off one of his villains to get to a bomb, a classic story that has happened time and time again as he waits for Felicity to try to figure out how to diffuse it. When he gets to the bomb he sees someone with a mask already working on it, Arrow knows who that is and tells him to leave and stop trying to fight crime, if he wants to help donate to the department, and he should elevate “it”. He begins to walk away and turns around and shoots him in the knee!

Back at base Felicity is shocked by his actions, doesn’t know why he would shoot him in the knee and says he should embrace help on the team. They dub him Wild Dog, she also brings up, not black canary, and another person, but Oliver quickly dismisses the whole notion and wants no part of it.

Tobias Church makes his way to Star City and is a straight talking thug, he dispatches some dealers and some cops and says he is now in charge. He seems to play the roll well and I am excited to see how it goes. He and his crew end up going to the statue unveiling for Black Canary, and ends up kidnapping Oliver and Thea to make a statement. We see an Oliver flashback, which I am so over, where he learns to break his thumbs to escape being tied up. During the scuffle Tobias escapes, but Oliver ends up killing a man, bringing back a piece of his past. He thinks that if he was quick to act in the past Laurel would be alive.

Thea who dawned the red but realizes it is not for her is trying to find his way, former Detective Lance who made his way back to town, is a drunk these days, he lost his daughters, his girl left him, he lost his job. He says, “A drunk needs a reason to stay sober, and I’m fresh out my friend.”

Arrow needs some help to clean up the city, and Lance finds some cops he thinks he can trust and has them meet up with Arrow. We see another recent flashback where Laurel asks Oliver to promise she won’t be the last Black Canary, and that way she will always be with her. It weighs on Oliver’s mind, the cops and Oliver get into the base that Tobias Church has more hostages and the rescue mission was a success besides Tobias escaping.


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Curtis is out looking for this man, as Felicity wants to breach starting up a new team again. After Oliver returns, they talk and Oliver breaks down and agrees to start up a team. Curtis tells him he better take Wild Dog to the team otherwise he got a shiner for nothing, but the condition is he must allow Curtis to join the team as well. Which is great we can see Mr. Terrific, Oliver holds out hope that Thea was going to join and knows she won’t. He calls to John Diggle and leaves a message, he gets a call back from John and asks his opinion on creating a new team, and John agrees it’s the right time. John asks about the possibility of Oliver and Felicity, and we see Felicity heading home, and at home is………Detective Billy Malone.

The show ends with the Halloween character from the beginning attacking one of Lance’s good cops and killing him, he says he is not Green Lantern but that is all we know for this week.