Getting “Pitch Slapped”! Pitch Perfect 3 Review (Spoilers)

Aca-Scuse me!? Pitch Perfect 3 finishes it’s opening weekend to a fairly low total of almost $20 million. When you view that next to the estimated $220 million for the opening weekend of “The Last Jedi”, it might not look that impressive. However, when you combine the almost flawless singing and choreography with the comedic whit of a flawless cast, it’s a recipe for magic!

The third installment of the Pitch Perfect franchise offers viewers a deeper look into the characters we have come to love. Anna Kendrick (Beca Mitchell) and Rebel Wilson (Fat Amy) open the film with a bang and there are no shortage of laughs from there.

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After joining the USO tour, the Bellas aren’t given a warm reception by the other bands who are also competing to open for DJ Khaled (played by himself). “Ever Moist” whose lead singer is portrayed by Ruby Rose, don’t view the Bellas as real competition due to their lack of instruments and boy do they let them know it!

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But, as we know, you never underestimate a tried and true Barden Bella! As the tour continues, the girls come to the conclusion that if the are ever going to win, they have to let go of their fears and just have fun!

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Among the all-star cast, John Lithgow emerges as Fat Amy’s father (Fergus). While this addition slightly felt as though the writers were “grasping for straws”, it also brought some depth to Fat Amy that may have been lacking in the previous films and let’s be honest… Who doesn’t love John Lithgow!?

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This may be the final installment of the Pitch Perfect films (I’m still not sure I believe it), but it’s nice to know that they went out with a bang. Literally! This film has everything from a cappella, to aca-splosions.
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We may never see another performance from our Bellas, but Pitch Perfect 3 set the tone for the characters to finally transition from college days to adulthood. It was a nice way to end the franchise and it was NOT a “disa-aca-pointment”!

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